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7th Python: Featuring the Court Testimonies of Michael Palin & Eric Idle

011 + Architetture Made in Torino

1899 Australians in England

19th Century American Literature

20th Century American Literature

21st Century Journalism Handbook

2002 Le Mans 24 Hours:
The Silver Anniversary of a Book & a Race: 1978-2002


3D-Printers: A Beginner's Guide


365 Photography Days

59 Minutes to a Calmer Life

7th Time Lucky: A Gay Man's Determination to Become a Parent

74 Days, 2nd edition

100 Years of Brooklands: The Birthplace
of British Motorsport & Aviation. A Photographic History

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A Level Chemistry

A-Level Chemistry, 4th Edition

A-Level Politics Made Easy

A-Z of Community Health Practice

A-Z of Punishment & Torture

A to Z of Cake Decorating

A2 US Government & Politics: FlashRevise Pocketbook

AS UK Government & Politics: FlashRevise Pocketbook

Abdication: The Rise & Fall of Edward VIII

About Muhammad

Absolutely Animal-Free Cookbook
Absolutely! Everything about Cowes

Academic Essay: How to Plan, Draft, Write & Revise

Access to History for The IB Diploma: The Mexican Revolution

Accounting. Cambridge International AS & A Level [Includes CD Rom]

Action Research: A Guide for Teacher

Active Learning in Primary Classrooms

Active Learning through Formative Assessment

Actual Reality

Acute Nursing Care

Ada: A Victim of Fate & Cultural Circumstance

Adequate Wisdom: Essays on the Nature of Existence

Adolescence & Emerging Adulthood

Advanced Construction Technology, 5th edition

Advanced Database Projects in Access 2007

Advanced French Vocabulary
Advanced German Vocabulary, 2nd Edition
Advanced Hairdressing, 3rd edition

Advanced Modern Engineering Mathematics, 4th edition
Advanced PE & Sport, 3rd edition

Advanced Psychology: Applications, Issues & Perspectives

Advanced Spreadsheet Projects in Excel 2007

Advising in Language Learning

Africa in Transition

African Naturalist

After the Civil Wars: English Politics & Government in the Reign of Charles II

Agamemnon's Crown

Aha! of Science

Aikido: A beginners Guide

Ain't Misbehavin':
How to Understand Your Child's Behaviour & Get the Best from Them

Air Pollution & Climate Change, 2nd edition

Aircraft Flight, 4th edition

Aircraft Instruments & Integrated Systems
Aircraft Workshop: Learn To Make Models That Fly
Airflow, 2nd Edition
Algebra: Basic Algebra Explained

All is Change. Of Motion: Ancient & Modern

All My Sons: York Notes Advanced

Almost Ready to Fly: Radio Control Flying 21st Century Style
Amateur's Lathe, 9th Edition
Amateur's Workshop, 3rd Edition

Ambergris: A Novel

America: Civil War & Westward Expansion 1803-1890, 5th Edition

American Dream: Reality & Illusion 1945-80

American Revolution & the Birth of the USA 1740-1801, 2nd Edition

Amnesty in International Law

Analysing Environmental Data
Analytical Methods for Environmental Monitoring

Anatomy & Physiology for Holistic Therapists, 2nd edition

Anatomy & Physiology, 4th edition

And You Are in Kolkata or Beyond

Angelo: An Inspiring Autobiography for Those Detemined to Succeed

Angles on Atypical Psychology

Angles on Child Psychology

Angles on Psychology, 2nd edition
Angles on Psychology: Companion Volume
Angles on Psychological Research
Angling with Rod, Line & Camera

Animal Behaviour: Mechanism, Development, Function & Evolution

Animal Farm

Animal Farm
Philip Allan Literature Guide for A-Level

Animal Farm York Notes

Animal Nutrition, 7th edition

Animal Within: Explaining the Bizarre & Ludicrous in Modern Art

Animals, Pets & Me & Feathers, Spikes & Fur

Anita Me

Anita & Me

Anne Line: Shakespeare's Tragic Muse

Another Cezanne: A Biographical Fantasy


Anthony & Cleopatra

Anthony & Cleopatra Teacher Resource Book

Antoni Tapies

Apley's System of Orthopaedics & Fractures, 9th edition

Appetite for Ale: Hundreds of Delicious Ways to Enjoy Beer with Food

Applied Digital Electronics, 4th Edition

Applied Economics, 12th edition

Applied Mathematics I

Applied Science: Student Book

AQA Anthology: Love Poetry Through the Ages

AQA Anthology: Moon on the Tides

AQA Anthology: Moon on the Tides
Character & Voice & Place.
Philip Allan Literature Guide for A-Level

AQA Biology for AS

AQA Business & Communication Systems for GCSE

AQA Business for GCSE

AQA Business for GCSE, Growing as a Business

AQA Business for GCSE, Setting up a Business

AQA Business Studies for GCSE

AQA Certificate in Biology (iGCSE): Student Book

AQA Certificate in Chemistry (iGCSE): Student Book

AQA Certificate in Physics (iGCSE): Student Book

AQA GCSE Additional Science

AQA GCSE Biology

AQA GCSE Biology, 2010

AQA GCSE Biology for A to C

AQA GCSE Business Studies

AQA GCSE Chemistry

AQA GCSE Chemistry, 2011

AQA GCSE Chemistry for A to C

AQA GCSE English Language Grades 5-9: Student's Book


AQA GCSE German Foundation Grammar & Vocabulary Workbooks

AQA GCSE German Higher Grammar & Vocabulary Workbooks

AQA GCSE German Teacher's Book

AQA GCSE Modern World History Revision Guide, 2nd ed.

AQA GCSE Physics

AQA GCSE Physics, 2011

AQA GCSE Physics for A to C

AQA GCSE Science

AQA GCSE Spanish Foundation Grammar & Vocabulary Workbooks

AQA GCSE Spanish Higher Grammar & Vocabulary Workbooks

AQA GCSE Spanish: Student Book

AQA GCSE Spanish: Teacher's Book

AQA Poetry Anthology: Love & Relationships

AQA(A) Psychology for AS

AQA (B) Psychology for A2

AQA(B) Psychology for AS [includes CD-ROM]


Arab-Israeli Conflict 1945-79

Arable Bryophytes

Arable Plants: A Field Guide

Archaeology is Rubbish: A Beginner's Guide

Architectural Management in Practice, Stphen Emmitt, 1999

Architettura & Natura Design e Artificio

Aren't We a Funny Lot?

Arid Environments

Aromatherapy: A Practical Approach

Aron Demetz

Art & Expression Inquiry Box, 15 volumes

Art & Instinct

Art of Creative Teaching: Primary Science

Art of Learning
Art of Sport: The Best of Reuters Sports Photography
Art of Welding
Art Teacher's Handbook, 2nd Edition

Artificial Intelligence, 3rd edition

Artist in Conservation
AS French: Flash Revise Cards

AS French: Topic Cue Cards

AS Law for AQA

AS Law for OCR

AS Spanish: Tourism & Leisure

AS Statistics

AS UK Government & Politics, 4th edition

AS Use of Maths: Algebra & Graphs

AS Use of Maths -- Calculus

AS Use of Maths -- Statistics

Asi! Student's Book 1 Spanish

Asi! Student's Book 2. Higher Grade Spanish

Asi! Student's Book 2. Lower Grade Spanish

Asi! Teacher's Book 1 Spanish

Asi! Teacher's Book 2. Higher Grade Spanish

Asi! Teacher's Book 2. Lower Grade Spanish

Aspects of Christianity -- Christian Churches
Aspects of Christianity -- Christian Life
Aspects of Christianity -- Jesus of Nazareth
Assessment in Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing
Assessment of Prior Learning
At the Heart: A Practical Guide to Teaching Religion
Athletics 2002: The International Track & Field Annual
Athletics Enigmas


Atonement (York Notes)

Attraverso Milano. Photographing Milan

Australia Accomodation Guide. The B&B Book 2015

Authors & Stories Inquiry Box, 18 volumes

Autocourse: The World's Leading Grand Prix Annual


Aventura Nueva, 1
Framework Edition

Aventura Nueva, 2
Framework Edition

Aventura Nueva, 3

Aventura Nueva, 3

Aventura Nueva, 1
Workbook A

Aventura Nueva, 1
Workbook B

Aventura Nueva, 2
Workbook B

Avish Khebrehzadeh

Awakening the Universal Heart

Azimut Yachts

A-Z of Personal and Social Education

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Babies and Young Children: Book 1, 2nd Edition
Babies and Young Children: Book 2, 2nd Edition
Babies & Young Children: Certificate in Child Care & Education
Babies & Young Children: Diploma in Childcare & Education
Backyard Foundry

Baghdad Baby

Balanchine: Then & Now

Barbara Pym: A Passionate Force

Basic Benchwork

Basic Engineering Thermodynamics, 5th edition

Basic Hairdressing - A Coursebook for Level 2 4th Edition

Basic Lathework

Basic Mapwork Skills

Basics of Model Boats

Battle of the Earth

Battlefields of Life
Battleground of High Politics:
A Comparative Study of British & French Policies towards Poland & the Baltic States 1917-1939

Bayeux Tapestry & the Battle of Hastings 1066, 5th Edition
BCS Glossary of ICT & Computing Terms, 11th Edition

Beautiful Babies, Fabulous Families, Wonderful World

Beautiful Game is Over: The Globalisation of Football

Becoming a Nurse

Becoming an Outstanding Primary School Teacher

Bed & Breakfast Book: Australia 2005, 17th Edition
Bed & Breakfast Book: New Zealand 2005
Bedside Book For Very Young Guests
Bees at the Bottom of the Garden, Revised Edition
Beginner's Guide to Shotokan Karate, 2006 Edition
Behind the Crumbling Edge

Behind the Eyes of David

Being Human: Psychological & Philosophical Perspectives

Beliefs Inquiry Box, 15 volumes

Belinda: The Forest how Red Squirrel

Below Freezing: The Antarctic Dive Guide, 2nd edition

Ben Johnson
Bengal Tiger
Beowulf: 19 Speaking Parts. Dramascripts Classic Texts

Berlin 1978-1987

Bernardo Bertolucci

Best of Friends: How to Help Your Child Make Friends with Confidence
Better English, 3rd Edition
Better French 2 - Past & Imperfect Tenses

Better German: Achieving Fluency with Everyday Speech

Better Lessons in A Level History

Beyond the Pulpit: A Collection of Essays on Judaism

Beyond White Mischief

Bible: A Helping Hand
Biennale Puglia 2008

Big Book of Gaydar (Uncut!)

Big Format Advertising

Bill Edrich

Billy Hill Gyp & Me

Billy Liar

Billy Liar: 8 Speaking Parts. Dramascripts Classic Texts

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Biological Psychology

Biology, 2nd Edition
Biology, 3rd Edition
Biology for the IB Diploma

Biology: For the IB. MYP by Concept 4-5

Biology for You, Revised Edition

Biology: Science for You

Biology: Student Unit 1. Molecules & Cells

Biology: Student Unit 2. Organisms & Biodiversity

Biology Study & Revision Guide, 2nd edition

Birds & Mammals of the Falkland Islands

Birds in a Village

Birthright: Rediscovering Roots

Biscuit Recipes

Black Arabian Foal

Black Jacks, Fruit Salads, Cricket Stumps on the Wall

Black Peoples of America

Black Peoples of the Americas

Black Peoples of America: Foundation

Blighty: British Society in the Era of the Great War

Blood Brothers

Blossoms of Bliss: How to Live Today for a Better Tomorrow

Blue Horizons

Blueprints: Your Plan for Learning Land Law

Body Bible

Body Massage, 3rd Edition

Body Massage for Holistic Therapists

Body Treatments and Dietetics for the Beauty Therapist

Bolshevik & Stalinist Russia 1917-64, 5th Edition

Book of Tennis, 2003 Edition

Boys of Ballykelly

Brands & Branding

Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy, 2nd Edition

Brickwork: A Practical Guide

Brief Introduction to US Politics

Brighton Bakes

Brigitte Bardot

Brilliant Access 2013

Brilliant Assertiveness

Brilliant Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, 2nd edition

Brilliant Dreamweaver CS5

Brilliant Economics

Brilliant Emotional Intelligence

Brilliant Excel VBA Programming

Brilliant Flash Professional CS5

Brilliant Freelancer

Brilliant FrontPage 2003

Brilliant Head Teacher

Brilliant HTML5 & CSS3

Brilliant Illustrator CS5

Brilliant InDesign CS5

Brilliant Internet for the Over 50's

Brilliant Laptops

Brilliant Life Coach: 10 Inspirational Steps to Transform Your Life, 2nd. ed

Brilliant Mac Basics: Mac OS X Lion Edition, 2nd edition

Brilliant Microsoft Excel 2013

Brilliant Microsoft Office 2013

Brilliant Microsoft Word 2013

Brilliant Mindfulness [Contains CD-ROM]

Brilliant New CLAIT 2006

Brilliant Photoshop CS5

Brilliant PowerPoint 2013

Brilliant Primary School Teacher

Brilliant Psychology

Brilliant Relationships, 2nd edition

Brilliant Search Engine Optimisation

Brilliant Secondary School Teacher

Brilliant Social Media

Brilliant Study Skills

Brilliant Subject Leader

Brilliant Supply Teacher

Brilliant Teaching Assistant

Brilliant Trainee Teacher

Brilliant Word 2010

Britain 1846-1951. OCR A-Level

Britain 1890-1924, 2nd edition

Britain 1900-51

Britain: 1951-2007, 2nd edition

Britain & Europe Since 1945

Britian & Scotland & Germany

Britain Before the Reform Acts: Politics & Society 1815-1832
Britain in the Age of the French Revolution, 1785-1820

Britain in the Depression, 2nd edition

Britain's Butterflies, 2nd edition

Britain's Dragonflies, 2nd edition

Britain's Orchids

Britain's Reptiles & Amphibians

British Economy Since 1914: A Study in Decline?

British Empire; Sunrise to Sunset, 2nd edition

British Experience of Warfare 1790-1918, 2nd edition

British Foreign Affairs: Saving Europe at a Cost? 1919-1960, 4th edition

British Hearse & The British Funeral

British History 1870-1918

British Imperialism, 1688-1914

British Railway Steam in Colour

British Society: Since 1945

British Women's Suffrage Campaign 1866-1928, 2nd edition

Broadcast Journalism Handbook, 2nd edition [Includes DVD]

Broadmoor: A History of a Psychiatric Hospital

Brodie's Notes on Classic Literature

Broken Childhood

BTEC First Early Years

BTEC First Early Years Tutor Support Pack
BTEC National Business Studies Textbook

BTEC National Public Serice, 2nd ed.

BTEC National Sport Edexcel
Buddhism Poster Pack

Buddhism Teacher's Resource Book

Buddhist Experience, 2nd edition

Build It!

Build Your First Website

Building & Flying Radio Controlled Model Aircraft, 4th edition
Building Production Management Techniques
Building Simple Model Steam Engines
Bullying, 3rd edition. A Practical Guide to Coping for School, 2002
Bullying: Key Stages 3 & 4. Teacher's Guide
Business and Communication Systems GCSE

Business Communications Systems GCSE Teacher Support Pack

Business Management: Study & Revision Guide

Business Studies

Business Studies: A2

Business Studies: AS

Butterfly Notebook

Butterfly Within: A Triathlete's Race Against a Brain Tumour

Buzan's Study Skills: Mind Maps, Memory Techniques, Speed Reading

Byron the Maker: Truth or Masquerade--An Exploration

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C# for Students
CAD for Model Engineers
Caesar's Church

Cake Recipes

Calamity & Courage

Calculations for A-Level Physics, 4th edition

Calculations for GCSE Chemistry, 3rd Edition
Calendar Girl: In Which a Lady of Rylstone Reveals All
Calorie, Carb & Fat Bible: The UK's Most Comprehensive Calorie Counter

Calorie, Carb & Fat Bible 2006: The UK's Most Comprehensive Calorie Counter

Cambridge Checkpoint English

Cambridge Checkpoint English. Student Book 2

Cambridge Checkpoint English 1, New Edition

Cambridge Checkpoint English, Vol. 3, New Edition

Cambridge Checkpoint Maths

Cambridge Checkpoint Maths, Vol. 2

Cambridge Checkpoint Maths, Student Book, Vol. 2

Cambridge Checkpoint Maths, Vol. 3, New Edition

Cambridge Checkpoint Maths, Vol. 3

Cambridge Checkpoint Maths, Workbook 1

Cambridge Checkpoint Science 1, New Edition

Cambridge Checkpoint Science. Student Book 2

Cambridge Checkpoint Science, Student Book, Vol. 3

Cambridge Checkpoint Science 1, New Edition

Cambridge Checkpoint Science 2, New Edition

Cambridge IGCSE & International Certificate German Foreign Language

Cambridge IGCSE & O Level Economics

Cambridge IGCSE & O Level Economics Workbook

Cambridge IGCSE Biology, 3rd edition

Cambridge IGCSE Biology Laboratory Practical Book

Cambridge IGCSE Biology Workbook, 2nd Edition

Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies, 4th edition

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry, 3rd ed. [Contains CD-ROM]

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry Laboratory Practical Book

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry Workbook, 2nd Edition

Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science

Cambridge IGCSE English as a First Language, 3rd ed.

Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language

Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language: Workbook

Cambridge IGCSE English First Language Study & Revision Guide, 2nd edition

Cambridge IGCSE Geography, 2nd ed. [Contains CD-ROM]

Cambridge IGCSE Geography Study & Revision Guide

Cambridge IGCSE Geography Workbook

Cambridge IGCSE German Foreign Language Grammar Workbook

Cambridge IGCSE ICT, 2nd Edition [Includes CD ROM]

Cambridge IGCSE International Mathematics

Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics, 2nd edition

Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics: Core & Extened 3rd edition

Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics: Core & Extened Practice Book

Cambridge IGCSE Modern World History: Student's Book

Cambridge IGCSE Physics

Cambridge IGCSE Physics, 3rd ed. [Contains CD-ROM]

Cambridge IGCSE Physics Laboratory Practical Book

Cambridge IGCSE Physics Workbook, 2nd Edition

Cambridge International AS/A Level Accounting Revision Guide, 2nd ed.

Cambridge International A/AS-Level Biology

Cambridge International As/A Level Business Revision Guide, 2nd edition

Cambridge International A/AS Mathematics: Mechanics 1 & 2

Cambridge International A/AS Mathematics: Pure Mathematics 1

Cambridge International A/AS Mathematics: Statistics

Cambridge International AS/A Level Biology Revision Guide, 2nd edition

Cambridge International AS & A Level Business (Contains CD-ROM)

Cambridge International AS & A Level Chemistry

Cambridge International AS & A Level Chemistry

Cambridge International AS & A Level Economics (Contains CD-ROM)

Cambridge International AS/A Level Economics Revision Guide, 2nd ed.

Cambridge International AS & A Level Geography

Cambridge International AS & A Level Physics, 2nd ed. [Includes CD-ROM]

Camouflage and Markings: Luftwaffe 1939-1945
Campaigining Face to Face
Can Anyone See Bermuda?

Canary Islands Vol.II. Tenerife & La Gomera

Canterbury Tales: Theatrical Adaptation of Six Tales
Superscripts Series

Canterbury Tales: 39 Speaking Parts. Dramascripts Classic Texts

Car Modeller's Handbook

Caravan, 2nd Edition

Carburettors to Catseyes: A Brief History
of Motoring Inventions

Care Planning: A Guide for Nurses, 2nd edition

Carefree: Meaningful Existence on Earth & on Andromeda

Carina: The Yacht That Refused to Die

Caroline Righton's Create It With Paint in an Evening
Caroline Righton's Create It With Paper in an Evening
Caroline Righton's Create It With Thread in an Evening
Carpentry & Joinery: Volume 1. Job Knowledge

Carpentry & Joinery: Volume 2: Practical Activities

Carpentry & Joinery for Advanced Craft Students: Site Practice

Carriage of Goods by Sea, 6th edition

Cartography, 3rd edition

Cases and Materials on Intellectual Property, 2nd Edition
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: York Notes Advanced

Cats & Doggerel

Catholic Christianity, 3rd edition

Causes & Effects of 20th Century Wars, 2nd edition

Celebrity Hotel

Celtic War on Terrorism: A Novel

Central Debates in British Politics

Cerebrovascular Hypertention

Ceserani & Kinton's The Theory of Catering, 11th Edition [Includes CD-ROM]

Cevennes & Grands Causses, France

Challenges & Change in Middle America:
Perspectives on Development in Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean

Changing Colours: A South African Lawyer's Effort to Continue the Reform
Changing Education: A Sociology of Education Since 1944
Changing Nature of Warfare 1792-1945, 2nd edition

Charming Bed & Breakfast: New Zealand 2007

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales in Bite-Size Verse

Checkpoint English, Student's Book 1

Checkpoint Maths, Student's Book 1

Checkpoint Science, Student's Book 1

Cheerful and Contented

Cheerful Book of Misfortunes

Chemistry: An Introduction to Organic, Inorganic & Physical Chemistry, 3rd edition

Chemistry for Biologists

Chemistry for You, Revised Ed.

Chemistry, 2nd Edition

Chemistry, 2nd edition. Revision guide.

Chemistry, 3rd Edition

Chemistry, 4th edition

Chemistry Calculations Explained

Chemistry For Advanced Level

Chemistry for the IB Diploma

Chemistry: MYP by Concept 4 & 5

Chemistry: Science for You

Chic Refurbishment: Small Apartments

Childcare & Education, 6th ed

Child Development, 2nd edition

Child Development Theory & Practice, 2nd edition

Child Observation for Learning & Research

Childhood Services & Provisions for Children
Childminding A Guide to Good Practice, Second Edition
Children & Social Policy

Children & Society

Children of the Sun: The Fall of the Aztecs

Children's Birthday Cakes
Children's Care, Learning & Development: NVQ 2

Children's Care, Learning & Development: NVQ 3

Children's Literature

China 1839-1997, 3rd edition

China: From Empire to People's Republic 1900-49, 2nd edition

China Business Guide 2006
China Foreign Enterprise Directory, 2nd Edition

China Hotel Directory 2006: Guide to Accommodations, Meetings & Exhibitions
Choice of Poets

Choose Happiness: Ten Steps to Bring the Magic Back into Your Life

Chopin's Europe

Christian Experience

Christian Experience: Foundation Edition

Christian Experience: Living Faith

Christian Theology


Christianity: A Dictionary
Christianity and Social Issues: Living Faith
Christianity Poster Pack, 1: Living Religions Series
Christianity Poster Pack, 2: Living Religions Series
Christianity Teacher's Resource Book, 1
Christianity Teacher's Resource Book, 2

Christmas Carol

Christmas Carol, 2nd edition: 29 Speaking Parts
Dramascripts Classic Texts

Christmas Carol and The Cricket on the Hearth
Christopher Marlowe
Chronicles of the Cliffe & South Malling: AD 688-2003

City of London in Retreat

Civil Rights & Social Movements in the Americas Post-1945, 2nd ed.

Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1992, 2nd edition

Classic 'Bike

Classic Bull: An Accidental Restaurateur's Cookbook

Classic Case Studies in Psychology, 2nd edition

Classic Great Dishes of the World

Classic Poetry

Classical Seat: The Key to Great Riding, 2nd edition


Climate Change

Climate Change and Society

Close Reading: Comprehension, Interpretation & Language Activities

Close Reading with Answers: Comprehension, Interpretation & Language Activities

C02 Powered Model Aircraft

Coaching for Schools: A Practical Guide to Building Leadership Capacity

Cobalt Blue: A Lifetime of Art

Cocktails From the Bars of the Leading Hotels of the World

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy with Delusions & Hallucinations, 2nd edition

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy With Schizophrenia

Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology
Psychology Express

Cold Environments

Cold Mountain (York Notes)

Cold War 1941-95, 3rd edition

Cold War & After

Cold War & the Americas 1945-81

Cold War: Superpower Tensions & Rivalries, 2nd edition

Colic: Causes, Prevention & Treatment

Collected Poems, revised edition

Collected Poems for Children

Combinational & Sequential Logic [Includes CD-ROM]
Coming Slowly: A Kaleidoscope of Life on, and Around, the Greek Island of Poros

Commercial Law, 2nd edition

Communication in Clinical Settings

Communication Models for the Study of Mass Communications, 2nd edition
Communication Skills: A Guide for Engineering
& Applied Science Students, 3rd edition

Communicating as a Mental Health Carer

Community of Europe: A History of European Integration Since 1945, 2nd edition
Compact Lathe, 2nd Edition
Companion to the Overseas Nurses Programme
Comparative Politics: an Introduction

Compassion, Caring & Communication: Skills for Nursing

Compiling with C# & JAVA

Complete Bentley
Complete Camping Manual
Complete Flier's Handbook: The Essential Guide to Successful Air Travel
Complete Homeopathy Handbook
Complete Motor Caravan Manual and Service Guide

Complete Trailer Manual

Computer Basics. Windows 7 Edition

Computer Problems Solved for the Over 50s

Computer Science Workbook

Computer Systems Architecture, 2nd edition

Comrades. Communism. A World Hstory, 2008 Paper Edition

Concept of a Plural Society

Conceptual & Historical Issues in Psychology

Concise Course in Advanced Level Statistics

Concrete Technology, 2nd edition


Confessions of a Speedway Promoter!

Confidence: Transform the Way You Feel So You Can
Achieve the Things You Want, 3rd UK ed

Confidence Plan

Conflict & Reformation: The Establishment of the Anglican Church 1529-70

Conflict in the Middle East: Israel and the Arabs

Conflict, People & Power: Medieval Britain 1066-1500

Conspiracy History

Constitutional & Aministrative Law: UK Edition

Constitutional & Administrative Law, 6th UK edition

Constitutional & Administrative Law in the United Kingdom, 14th edition

Constitutional & Administrative Law, 16th edition

Constitutional Monarchy in France, 1814-48
Construction Technology, 4th Edition
Contemporary Germany: Essays & Texts on Politics, Economics & Society

Contemporary Living Spaces for the Elderly

Contract Law, 2nd UK ed.: Halson

Contract Law, 2nd UK ed.
Law Express

Contract Law, 3rd UK edition,
2013 Finch & Fafinski

Contract Law, 8th UK edition

Contractual Procedures in the Construction Industry, 6th UK edition

Contrastive Analysis
Controlling the Regulator

Cook Fluent Italian

Cool Brands: An Insight into Some of Britain's Coolest Brands, 2007-2008

Coolbrands 2008/09

CoolBrands 2009/10

CoolBrands 2010/11

CoolBrands 2012/13

Core Mathematics

Core Mathematics for Cambridge IGCSE

Core Mathematics for Cambridge IGCSE Revision Guide

Core Maths for Advanced Level, 3rd edition

Correct Seat: Tips for Riders on How to Achieve Better Balance
Cost Studies of Buildings, 4th Ed

Counselling Skills & Theory, 4th Edition

Counselling Skills for Health Professionals, 4th ed.

Countdown of Time
Country Visions: Knowing the Rural World

"Countryman's Steam" Manual, 2nd Edition

Covered: Classic Sleeves & Their Imitators

Coward? The Rise & Fall of the Silver King

Crans-Montana Switzerland, 2nd edition

Crash Course in Cracking Cryptic Crosswords

Creating an Outstanding College

Creative Activities & Ideas for Pupils with
English as an Additional Language

Creative Activities for the Secondary Classroom

Creative Approaches to Teaching Primary Education

Creative Thinking Plan: How to Generate Ideas
& Solve Problems in Your Work & Life, revised edition

Creativity Handbooks For Language Teachers: Concepts 7

Cricket's Greatest Comeback

Crime & Deviance with Theory & Method

Crime & Society in Britain, 2nd edition

Crime in Early Modern England 1550-1750, 2nd edition

Criminal Justice: An Introduction to the Criminal Justice System in England& Wales, 3rd Edition

Criminal Law, 2nd UK edition

Criminal Law, 3rd UK edition

Criminal Law, 10th UK edition

Criminology, 3rd edition

Critical Discourse Analysis, 2nd edition


Cultural Studies

Cultural Turns / Geographical Turns: Perspectives on Cultural Geography

Culture, Communication & Nursing

Curriculum Studies in Post-compulsory & Adult Education
Cyberscience: Research in the Age of the Internet

A| B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Daily Telegraph Bumper Book of Word Games & Puzzles
Daily Telegraph Giant General Knowledge Crosswords, Book 2
Dances with Sheep: Memoirs of a Vet Student
Dancing into the Unknown: My Life in the Ballets Russes & Beyond

Dario Argento

Data Communications & Computer Networks for
Computer Scientists & Engineers, 2nd edition

Daughter: A Life With Cerebral Palsy

Dawn French: The Unauthorized Biography

Dawn of Cricket

Dawn of the French Revolution
Dawning Light: Perspectives on Friendship

Day the World Took Off : The Roots of the Industrial Revolution

Death of a Nation: A New History of Germany

Death of a Salesman

De Bono's Thinking Course
Debrett's People of Today 2005, 18th Edition

Decline of the Liberal Party 1910-1931, 2nd edition

Decline of the Scottish Conservative Party

Decolonization in Africa, 2nd edition

Deep Purple: Wait for the Ricochet

Deep Song of Desire

Delight of Reading

Delivering the Framework for Teaching English
Delivering the Framework for Teaching English: Teacher Resource Book

Democracy & Dictatorships in Germany 1919-63, 2nd Edition

Democracy & Nazism: Germany 1918-45, 2nd edition

Demystifying the Nurse/Therapist Consultant

Design & Technology for A Level

Design Energetics

Design for Secure Residential Environments

Design of the Other Things

Destination: Limited-Edition Design

Developing Advanced Reading Skills in Modern Foreign Languages
Handbooks For Language Teachers: Concepts 8

Developing Interactive English, volume 9

Developing Professional Practice 7-14

Development as Theory & Practice:
Current Perspectives on Development & Development Co-operation

Development, Disparity and Dependence

Development, Globalisation & Sustainability

Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology
Psychology Express

Developments in Sociology

Diary of Anne Frank: Drama Script

Dictionary of Law, 6th Edition

Diesel Engines Fault Finding and Diagnostics Manual

Digital Communications 2nd edition

Digital Photography

Digital Photography for the Over 50s

Dinosaur's Guide to Libertarianism

Diploma in Digital Applications: Student Book: Graphics

Diploma in Digital Applications: Student Book: ICT in Enterprise

Diploma in Digital Applications: Student Book: Multimedia

Diploma in Digital Applications: Using ICT: Student Book

Directions -1 (Religious Education)
Directions - 2 (Religious Education)
Directions - 3 (Religious Education)
Directory of Vocational & Further Education in the UK 2004/2005
Disability, Culture & Identity
Disappearance of God and Science

Discerning Gentleman's Guidebook to Britain's American Colonies

Discourse & the Translator

Discover Butterflies in Britain

Discovering Egyptians

Discovering Pirates

Discovery: Foundation Edition Textbook
Discovery: Philosophy & Ethics for Religious Education

Discovery Study Guide OCR GCSE RS -- Specification B

Discreet Mathematics for Computing

Disgrace to Her Country: A Cold War Romance

Dispossessed, the Never-Possessed & the Bastards

Dissertation Writing for Engineers & Scientists

Disunited Kingdoms

Diva Italiana

Divided Union?

Divo Italiano

Divorce Lawyers Guide to Marriage

Dividing: Workshop Practice Series, No. 37

DIY: Paper Toys. Make New Friends!

Do What You Want

Doctor Faustus

Don Meets the Babe

Donna Summer: The Thrill Goes On

Don't Ask Me Where I Come From

Don't Worry: How to Beat the Seven Anxieties of Life
Dos & Don'ts in Hong Kong
Dos & Don'ts in Thailand, 3rd Edition

Dos & Don'ts in the Philippines

Dosage Calculations for Nurses

Douglas Bader: Britain's Greatest Fighter Pilot

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde : Dramascripts Classic Texts Series

Dracula (York Notes)

Dragon Strike: The Millennium War

Drama Structures: A Practical Handbook for Teachers

Dreaming Jewelry

Drills, Taps and Dies
Drug Education

Duchess of Malfi

Drugs: A Parent's Guide, Revised Edition

Duke of Hazard

Dunkeld Collection, Revised Ed.: Hardy Reels & Lures with Price Guides

Dying President & the Lying Doctor: The Fate of FDR

Dyslexia - Assessing & Reporting

Dyslexia & Other Learning Difficulties, Revised Edition

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Eager Dead: A Sudy in Haunting
Early British Quick Firing Artillery

Early Childhood Education, 5th edition

Early Years: Development Learning and Teaching
Early Years Care & Education

Early Years Professional's Complete Companion, 2nd edition

East Germany: What Happened to the Silesians in 1945?
Eastern & Southern Africa: Development Challenges in a Volatile Region

Eastern Rhodopes

Easy Grow!

Easy Reading Shakespeare, Vol. 1

Easy Reading Shakespeare, Vol. 2

Easy Reading Shakespeare, Vol. 3

ECDL Advanced Databases [CD-ROM Included]

ECDL Advanced Expert
ECDL Advanced Presentation [CD-ROM Included]
Echoes from a War
Eclipse / Friendly Fire
Eclipse of a Great Power: Modern Britain 1870-1992, 2nd edition
Eco Escape: Ireland

Eco Escape: United Kingdom

Ecological Principles & Environmental Issues
Ecology of Aquatic Management

Econometrics: Theory & Applications with EViews

Economic Appoaches to Organization, 4th edition

Economic Development, 12th edition

Economic Theory & the Construction Industry, 3rd Edition
Economics, 4th edition (Ison)

Economics, 8th edition

Economics Annual Update 2015

Economics: Student Workbook, 8th edition

Economics: A Student's Guide, 5th Edition

Economics: Student Workbook & Reader

Economics & Business, 4th edition

Economics for the IB Diploma, Revision Guide

Economics, Medicine & Healthcare, 3rd edition

Economics Revision Guide

Economics Theory in Action, 4th edition

(Ecological Architecture)

Ecstasy of Fumbling: A Musician's Struggle With Adolescence

Edexcel A2 Psychology Student Unit Guide: Unit 4 New Edition, How Psychology Works

Edexcel Business for GCSE

Edexcel Business for GCSE, 2009

Edexcel Business for GCSE, 2nd edition
Building a Business

Edexcel Business for GCSE, 2nd edition
Introduction to Small Business

Edexcel Chinese for AS

Edexcel Economics A2

Edexcel Economics AS

Edexcel French for A Level

Edexcel GCSE Modern World History

Edexcel GCSE Modern World History: Revision Guide, 2nd ed.

Edexcel German Grammar for A Level

Edexcel German for A Level. Student's Book

Edexcel Government & Politics for A2: Ideologies

Edexcel Government & Politics in the UK for AS

Edexcel Italian Grammar for A Level

Edexcel Physics A2 Student Unit Guide: Unit 5 New Edition, Physics from Creation to Collapse

Edexcel Spanish for A Level

Edexcel Spanish Grammar for A Level

Edge of Now
New Questions for Democracy in the Network Age

Editing, Storing & Sharing Your Digital Photographs

Education For The Inevitable

Education Personnel Management
Education Policy and Contemporary Politics
Education Yearbook of the United Kingdom, 2005-2006
Education Yearbook. UK Edition 2007/2008

Educational Leadership & the Community:
Strategies for School Improvement through Community Engagement

Educational Psychology

Edward Bear

Edwardian Eye of Andrew Pitcairn-Knowles
Effective Learning in Schools
Effective School Leaders
Effective Strategic Leadership
Effective Study Skills
Effective Teaching: A Practical Guide to Improving Your Teaching
Effective Teaching of Physical Education
Effective Teaching of Religious Education
Effective Website Development: Tools & Techniques
Electric Motors, 2nd Edition
Electric Motors in the Home Workshop

Electrical & Electronic Technology, 10th edition

Electrical & Electronic Systems
Electricity & Thermal Physics, revised edition
Electro-epilation, 2nd edition
Electromechanical Building Blocks for the Model Engineer
Electronic Fault Diagnosis, 4th Edition
Electronic Products, Revised Edition
Electronic Projects for Model Aircraft

Electronics: A Systems Approach

Electronics Explained


Elegant Simplicity: Reflections on an Alternative Way of Being

Element of Luck, 2nd edition: To South Arabia and Return

Elizabeth of the German Garden: A Literary Journey
A Biography of Elizabeth von Arnim

Elizabethan Parliaments 1559-1601, 2nd edition

Email Survival Guide
Embedded Internet: TCP/IP Basics, Implementation & Applications
Emergence of a Ruling Order: English Landed Society 1650-1750

Emergence of the Americas in Global Affairs, 1880-1929

Eminent Tracterians: How Lay Followers of the Oxford Revival Expressed their
Faith in their Trivial Round & Common Task

Empires and Citizens; The Roman Empire, Medieval Britain, African Empires, Book 1

Empires and Citizens Pupil Book 2
Empires and Citizens Pupil Book 3
Employee Relations, 2nd Edition

Employment Law, 2nd UK ed.

Employment Law, 4th UK edition
Malcolm Sargeant

Employment Law in the UK (2009)

Empty Chair: The Teaching, Not the T-Shirt

Encyclopedia of Home Winemaking, Volume 1

End to End: The 1100-Mile Walk

Endemic Plants of the Altai Mountain Country

Endurance Riding: Tips for Beginners

Enduring Spirit: Convicts or Colonists

Energy Equation

Energy Issue

Engineering: GCSE
Engineering Materials, Volume One, 2nd edition
Engineering Materials, Volume Two, 2nd edition
Engineering Mathematics, 4th edition
England's Colonial Wars 1550-1688
English Church, 940-1154

English Fiction of the Early Modern Period 1890-1940

English for Common Entrance: 13+ Practice Book

English for Common Entrance: Study & Revision Guide

English: For the IB MYP by Concept 4 & 5, Phases 3-5

English Language & Literature

English Legal System

English Legal System, 5th edition

English Legal System, 16th Edition, Elliott & Quinn

English Legal System [Studymates Ltd.]
English Literature, 3rd edition
English Literature in the Age of Chaucer
English Police, 2nd edition
English Republic 1649-1660, 2nd edition

English Reformation 1530-1570

English Skills for Language & Literature

Enriching Feedback in the Primary Classroom

Enterprise of the English: An Appreciation of English History in Verse

Entry Level Mathematics Student Book 2-4

Entry Level Maths 2-4: Teacher Support Pack
Environmental Biogeography

Environmental Economics: Economics Express

Environmental Economics: Issues & Policies

Environmental Impact Assessment, 2nd Edition

Environmental Law

Environmental Science, 2nd Edition
Environmental Science: The Natural Environment & Human Impact, 2nd edition
Environmental Science for Environmental Management, 2nd edition
Environmental Science in Building, 6th Edition
Environmental Systems, 2nd Edition

Environmental Systems & Societies for the IB Diploma

Equinox: Book of Science

Equity & Trusts, 2nd UK edition

Error Analysis: Perspectives on Second Language Acquisition

Errors in Language Learning & Use: Exploring Error Analysis

Espanol Mundial 1, 3rd edition

Espanol Mundial 1, 3rd edition
Libro de Ejercicios

Espanol Mundial 2, 3rd edition

Espanol Mundial 2, 3rd edition
Libro de Ejercicios

Essential A2 Biology
Essential AS: Physics

Essential Biology

Essential Economics: European Edition

Essential Elvis

Essential Experiences

Essential GCSE Geography: Current Issues, Future Scenarios

Essential Guide to Classroom Assessment

Essential Guide to Coaching & Mentoring, 2nd edition

Essential Guide to Managing Teacher Stress

Essential Guide to Secondary Teaching

Essential Guide to Tackling Bullying

Essential Guide to Taking Care of Behaviour, 2nd edition

Essential Guide to Understanding Special Educational Needs

Essential Guide to Using ICT Creatively in the Primary Classroom

Essential Mapwork Skills

Essential Maths Skills for AS-A-Level Biology

Essential Maths Skills for AS/A-Level Business

Essential Maths Skills for AS/A-Level Chemistry

Essential Maths Skills for AS/A Level Computer Science

Essential Maths Skills for AS/A-Level Economics

Essential Maths Skills for AS/A-Level Geography

Essential Maths Skills for AS/A Level Physics

Essential Maths Skills for AS/A-level Psychology

Essential Modern World History

Essential Modern World History (Hodder Ed.)

Essential Oils: A Definitive Guide to 42 Essential Oils
Essential Skills in Maths, 1 : Answer Book
Essential Skills in Maths, 1: Student's Book
Essential Skills in Maths, 2 : Answer Book
Essential Skills in Maths, 2 : Student Book
Essential Skills in Maths, 3 : Answer Book
Essential Skills in Maths, 3: Student's Book
Essential Skills in Maths, 4: Answer Book
Essential Skills in Maths, 4 : Student's Book
Essential Skills in Maths, 5 : Answer Book

Essential Skills in Maths, 5 : Student's Book

Essentials of Chemical Thermodynamics

Essentials of Community Care
Essentials of Economics, 6th edition

Essentials of the English Legal System, 2nd Edition

Establishing Interactive English, Vol. 9

Ethical Studies: A Complete Guide to Theories & Issues

Ethical Studies, 2nd edition

Ethical Theory, 3rd Edition


Ethics in Clinical Practice: An Inter-Professional Approach in Health Care

Ethics Through Christianity, 2nd edition

EU & UK Competition Law, 2nd ed.

EU Law, 2nd UK ed.

EU Law, 3rd edition

Europe: Lives in Transition
Europe at War
Europe in the Central Middle Ages, 962-1154, 3rd edition
European Computer Driving License Coursebook
European Equity Investor: Markets, Companies, Culture
European History 1870-1918
European Integration: Methods & Economic Anal;ysis, 3rd edition
European Reformation
European Snow Atlas & Guide 2005

European Union, 7th Edition

European Union & You

Evolutionary Psychology

Excel 2010

Exchange & Transport, Energy & Ecosystems, revised edition

Exercise Physiology for Health & Sports Performance

Experience of Warfare in Britain

Explaining & Questioning: Mastering Teaching Skills

Exploring Constitutional & Administrative Law

Exploring Geography in a Changing World, Vol.3

Exploring Questions in Religious Education: Pupil Book 1
Exploring Questions in Religious Education: Pupil Book 2

Exploring Questions in Religious Education: Pupil Book 3

Extended Mathematics for Cambridge IGCSE

Extended Mathematics for Cambridge IGCSE Revision Guide

Extended School's Manual

Extending Interactive English, Vol. 9

The Extra Mile

Extremadura Spain, 2nd edition

EYPS Handbook (Early Years Professional Status)

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Facebook Addict's Survival Guide

Fading Pictures: Recollections of the Far East

Families of Schizophrenic Patients

Family & Kinship in England, 1450-1800

Family Explorer, 2nd Ed.: Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Family Law, 6th edition

Family Law, 2nd UK ed.

Fantasy Rooms
Far Away Cows: Veterinary Vignettes From the Third World
Farming, Food and Famine

Fatal Tears

Feminine Gospels

Feminist Perspectives on Disability
Feminist Perspectives on Ethics
Feminist Perspectives on Sociology
Fiat Cinquecento
Fiat Panda
Fiat Punto
Fiat Tipo and Tempra
Fiat Uno
Fiction & Poetry Texts for Ages 4-7
Fiction & Poetry Texts for Ages 6-7
Fiction & Poetry Texts for Ages 7-8
Fiction & Poetry Texts for Ages 8-9
Fiction & Poetry Texts for Ages 9-10

Fiction & Poetry Texts for Ages 10-11

Field Guide to the Flora of South Georgia

Field Paleontology, 2nd edition
Fields, Forces & Synthesis, revised edition
Fifties Revisited, 3rd Edition
Fighting Force: The 90th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force
Film Studies

Finals - Three Greens

Finnish Lapland

Fireproof: A Novel

First Aid in Mathematics

First Biology Course

First Physics Course

First Sport, 2nd edition

First Steps in Dressage: Basic Training for Horse & Rider
First Steps in Economic Indicators
First Steps in Science: Big Story Book
First Steps in Science: Image Bank
First Steps in Science: Teachers Resource Book
First Steps in Winemaking, 9th Edition


Flat Pattern Cutting and Modelling for Fashion, 3rd Edition
Flexi-RE 1 (Religious Education)
Flexi-RE 3 (Religious Education)

Flip It: How to Get the Best Out of Everything, 2nd edition

Florence Nightingale and The Nursing Legacy

Flower Pot Farming

Flowers of the Forest

Fluid Mechanics, 6th edition

Fly Electric, 2nd Edition

Flying Model Helicopters, 2nd edition

Focus, 2nd edition. Use the Power of Targeted Thinking to Get More Done

Food: A History

Food & Beverage Service, 9th ed.

Food & Famine

Food Technology, Revised Edition
Food Technology for Key Stage 3
Food Technology for Key Stage 3 (Teacher Support Pack)
Foothold on Antarctica
Ford Escort and Orion

Ford Fiesta

Ford In Britain

Ford Sierra and Sapphire

Forensic & Criminal Psychology

Foresight Whole Food Cookbook For Building Healthy Families

Forgotten War

Forlorn Hope

Formula 1 - 2004: The World Championship Photographic Review
Formula 1 Yearbook 2007-2008
Forty Years on Ice: A Lifetime of Exploration and Research in the Polar Regions
Foundation Mathematics, 3rd edition
Foundation Maths, 4th Edition
Foundations in Caring for Children
Foundations in Nursing and Health Care Series -- Introduction to Research in Health Care
Foundations in Nursing and Health Care Series - Profiles and Portfolios of Evidence & CD ROM
Foundations in Nursing and Health Care Series -- Study Skills in Health Care
Foundations of Antenna Theory & Techniques
Foundrywork for the Amateur, 2nd Edition
Fountain Arethuse: A Novel Set in the University Town of Leuven
Framework English: Resource Book 1

France 1814-1914

France in Revolution, 1774-1815. 5th edition

Franco-German Relations


Free-Born John Lilburne

Free Country?

Freeing the Innocent: From Bangkok Hilton to Guantanamo

French B for the IB Diploma. Grammar & Skills Workbook

French B for the IB Diploma: Student Book

French Foreign Language: Grammar Workbook

French Legal System, 2nd edition

French Lieutenant's Woman

French Phrase Book: English-Malay-French

French Poems of the Great War

French Revolution

French Revolution, 1789-94

Frenzy of Indifference

From Autocracy to Communism 1894-1941

From Bangkok to Siberia via the Marrakech Express

From Bordello to Ballot Box
From Bursar to School Business Manager

From Flatwork to Jumping: Schooling Over Poles

From Second Reich to Third Reich

From Starr to Starrfish: A Non-Swimmer's Quest to Swim the English Channel

From Take-Off to Touchdown

From Teacher to Middle Manager

From the Balcony

Front Runners

Frontlines: Snapshots of History

Full Indian Rope Trick
Picador Poetry Series

Fundamental Engineering Mechanics
Fundamental Engineering Thermodynamics
Fundamentals of Pharmacology, 2nd edition
Further Pure Mathematics

Further Up the Inverted Pyramid

Future is Past: The Ultimate Paradox

Future of Futurism

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Gabriel Orozco


Games, Ideas & Activities for Early Years Mathematics

Games, Ideas & Activities for Early Years Phonics, 2nd ed.

Games, Ideas & Activities for Primary Classroom, 2nd ed.

Games, Ideas & Activties for Primary Drama, 2nd ed.

Games, Ideas & Activities for Primary Humanities

Games, Ideas & Activities for Primary Literacy, 2nd ed.

Games, Ideas & Activties for Primary Mathematics, 2nd ed.

Games, Ideas & Activities for Primary Music

Games, Ideas & Activities for Primary Outdoor Learning, 2nd ed.

Games, Ideas & Activities for Primary PE, 2nd ed.

Games, Ideas & Activities for Primary Phonics

Games, Ideas & Activities for Primary Poetry

Games, Ideas & Activities for Primary PSHE

Games, Ideas & Activities for Primary Science

Games People Play

Games We Play
Gamesters' Handbook: 140 Games for Teachers and Group Leaders

Gamesters' Handbook Two: More Games for Teachers and Group Leaders

Gamsters' Handbook,3

Garden & Three Houses

Garden Owners Survival Guide

Gate of Tears

Gauss Factor: Warnings of Ecological Doom
Gazelle: The Story of Leah Wittmann
GCSE Additional Applied Science: Student's Book

GCSE Additional Applied Science: Teacher's Book

GCSE Additional Science: Student's Book
GCSE Additional Science: Teacher's Book

GCSE Applied Science: Student's Book

GCSE Applied Science: Teacher's Book

GCSE Biology: Student's Book

GCSE Biology: Teacher's Book

GCSE Chemistry
GCSE Chemistry for CCEA

GCSE Chemistry: Student's Book

GCSE Chemistry: Teacher's Book

GCSE Drama Coursebook, 3rd edition

GCSE Geography for WJEC A

GCSE Humanities for AQA
GCSE Physics for CCEA
GCSE Physics: Student's Book

GCSE Physics: Teacher's Book

GCSE Drama Coursebook, 3rd Edition
GCSE English

GCSE History: The Schools History Project

GCSE Humanities for AQA, 2nd edition

GCSE Maths: The Modular Course
GCSE Media Studies
GCSE RS for You Perspectives on Religious Issues
GCSE Science: Student's Book
GCSE Science: Teacher's Book

Gears and Gear Cutting
Gender & Rural Geography
Gender, Power & the Unitarians in England, 1760-1860
Gene Cloning, 3rd Edition
General Studies: A-Level Sudy Guide
General Studies for AQA AS Level Series: Culture, Morality, Arts and Humanities
General Studies for AQA AS Level Series: Science, Mathematics, and Technology
General Studies for AQA AS Level Series: Society, Politics and the Economy
Genetics: A Concise Introduction for Students
Genetics: The Science of Genetics Revealed, 2nd edition
Genetics, Evolution & Biodiversity, revised edition

Geneva Explorer: Residents' & Visitors' Guide


Genuis Gene

Geographical Enquiries, 2nd Edition

Geographical Thought

Geographies of Agriculture: Globalisation, Restructuring & Sustainability


Geography, 2nd edition

Geography AQA/AS

Geography: OCR (B) GCSE

Geography for CCEA GCSE
Geography for Common Entrance, 2nd Ed.

Georg Baselitz

Germany 1918-45

Germany Divided & Reunited 1945-91

Get By in French
Get By in French Travel Pack
Get By in German
Get By in German Travel Pack
Get By in Greek
Get By in Greek Travel Pack
Get By in Italian
Get By in Italian Travel Pack
Get By in Portuguese
Get By in Portuguese Travel Pack
Get By in Spanish

Get By in Spanish Travel Pack

Get Into Nursing & Midwifery

Getting It Right: Economics & the Security of Support
Getting IT Right: Skills Book 1, Levels 3-4
Getting IT Right: Skills Book 2 (Levels 4-5)
Getting IT Right: Skills Book 3, Levels 5+
Getting IT Right: Teacher Support Pack (Skills Book 1| Levels 3-4)

Getting IT Right: Teacher Support Pack (Skills Book 2 | Levels 4-5)

Getting IT Right: Teacher Support Pack (Skills Book 3. Level 5 Plus)

Getting to No. 1 on Google

Giambattista Tiepolo:
Drawings & Etchings of a Witty & Delightful Flavor

Gianni Versace: Fashion's Last Emperor

Gianriccardo Piccoli 1610 Roma 2010

Gilbert & Gaillard Wine Guide 2015

Gilded Vagabond

Gio Ponti A Stoccolma

Gio Ponti: La Committenza Fernandes

Giuseppe Gallo: All In

Gizmo / Don't Eat Little Charlie
Gladstone, Disraeli & Later Victorian Politics, 3rd edition
Glass Rainbow: Two Families' Struggle for Success in Rural England, 1914-1945
Glassfibre Handbook

Gliding with Radio Control

Global Challenge

Global City & the Holy City: Narratives on Knowledge,
Planning & Diversity in London & Jerusalem

Global Environmental Change: Plants Animals and Communities


Glossary of Conservation I
Glossary of Conservation II
Glossary of Conservation III
Go Figure!
God Does Play Dice
God is Never Late... But Never Early Either!

God Listens to Slayer

God's Army: The Story of the Salvation Army

Godfather in Pictures: An Unofficial Companion
Golden Apples of Hesperides
Golden Thread: A Soldier's Search for Enlightenment
Good Practice in Caring for Children with Special Needs, 2nd Ed.
Good Practice in Childminding
Good Practice in Child Protection, 2nd edition
Good Practice in Child Safety
Good Practice in Implementing the Pre-school Curriculum, 2nd Edition

Good Practice in Nursery Management, 2nd edition

Good Practice in Playwork, 3rd Edition

Good Practice in Salon Management

Gothic Literature

Governance & Environment in Western Europe
Government & Politics: UK Edition
Graham Clarke's History of England, Revised Edition
Grammar First Vol. 3:
Grammar Skills in Context across the Curriculum

Grammar Skills in Context Across the Curriculum, Volume 1

Grammar Skills in Context Across the Curriculum, Volume 2

Grammar Skills in Context Across the Curriculum, Volume 1 Teacher's Resource

Grammar Skills in Context Across the Curriculum, Volume 2 Teacher's Resource

Grand Matches of Cricket Played in England 1771 to 1791

Graphic Products, Revised Edition

Graphical Calculator Support Pack

Graphicity Barcelona

Great British Circus

Great Depression & the Americas, 1929-39

Great Expectations

Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby, 2nd Edition - York Notes

Great Guns of Barbados

Great Mosaic Eye
Great Place to Stay A Great Place to See: Quality Bed & Breakfast
Accommodation & Great Places to See Throughout Britain

Great Quest: A Search for a Better Society

Great War

Green & the Gold: An Historical Novel
Green City in the Sun
Green Guide to Better Living

Green's Cuisine: Low Fat Food with a Taste of Thailand

Greenwood Guide to South Africa: Hand Picked Accommodation, 14th Edition


Grow & Cook

Growing into Medicine

Growing Vines to Make Wines
Guernsey, Sark & Herm: A View of the Islands
Guide to Computing Statistics with SPSS 11 for Windows
Guide to First Edition Prices 2002/3
Guide to First Edition Prices 2004/2005
Guide to First Edition Prices 2006/7

Guide to First Edition Prices 2008/9
Guide to Game Theory
Guide to Garden Design
Gulliver's Travels to Lilliput and Brobdingang

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Hacking Out Safely: Safety Tips for Horse & Rider

Philip Allan Literature Guide for A-Level

Hamlet's Castle & Shakespeare's Elsinore, 2nd Edition

Handbook for Interprofessional Practice in the Human Services

Handbook of Educational Leadership & Management

Handbook of Health and Safety Practice, 5th Edition

Handmade Packaging Graphics

Handmaid's Tale

Hans Christian Andersen as an Artist

Happiness Plan: Simple Steps to a Happier Life
Hardening, Tempering and Heat Treatment

Hard-Pressed Researcher, 2nd edition

Harold's Story: Tale of an RAF Armourer in WWII

Harry Potter: A Christian Chronicle

Head for Success: What Secondary Schools Did Achieve & Still Can
Heads & Hearts: An Inquiry into Integrity
Healey's World
Healing Power of Champagne

Health & Beauty Therapy, 3rd edition

Health & Health Risks

Health & Social Care

Health & Social Care, 3rd edition

Health and Social Care for Foundation GNVQ, 2nd Edition

Health for Life: Ages 11-14

Health Phenomena

Heard Melodies Are Sweet: A History of the London Philharmonic Orchestra

Hearing Silence

Heart of the Himalaya
Heart of Success

Hello, My Name Is…

Helping Troubled Pupils

Henderson's Dictionary of Biology, 15th edition

Henderson's Dictionary of Biology, 14th Edition

Henry IV Part I: Nelson Thornes Shakespeare
Henry IV Part I: Teacher's Resource

Henry V & the Disappearing Playhouse: 19 Speaking Parts
Dramascripts Classic Texts Series

Henry VII
Henry VII, 3rd edition

Henry VIII to Mary I

Henry VIII: Tudor Serial Killer

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: A Life in Dance

Heritage - A Taste of Britain

Heroes (Hodder Murray)

Heroes York Notes

High Integrity Software: The SPARK Approach to Safety & Security [Includes CD-ROM]
High Light: The Landscape Photography of Dave Butcher
High Windows: York Notes Advanced
Higher Biology, 2nd edition with Answers
Hillier's Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology: Volume 1, 5th edition

Hillier's Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology: Volume 2, Powertrain Electronics, 5th edition

Hillier's Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology: Workbook, Level 1

Hillier's Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology: Workbook, Level 2

Hillier's Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology: Workbook, Level 3

Himmler’s Double: A Novel

Hindu Experience, 2nd edition

Hinduism Poster Pack

Hinduism Teacher's Resource Book

Historic Model Ships from Scratch

Historical Study of Women

History Boys

History for CCEA GCSE, 2nd edition

History of Ireland

History Pictures (Includes CD-ROM)

History of the Celts

Hitler, Appeasement & the Road to War, 2nd edition
Hitler & Nazi Germany, 3rd Ed.: The Seduction of a Nation
Hitler & the Third Reich

Hodder Cambridge Primary English Learner's Book. Stage 2

Hodder Cambridge Primary English Workbook. Stage 2

Holistic Therapy: A Practical Approach

The Hollow

Hollywood Heat

Holmes' Principles of Physical Geology, 4th Edition


Holocaust: The Third Reich & the Jews, 2nd edition

Home Afloat: Living Aboard Vessels of All Shapes & Sizes
Home Baking with Chocolate

Home Brewed Beers and Stouts, 6th Edition

Home Economics. Food, Nutrition & Health Today

Home Economics: NI Key Stage 3
Home Workshop Hints and Tips
Homer's Odyssey: 29 Speaking Parts
Dramascripts Classic Texts

Homoeopathy, A Practical Guide to 62 Hemopathic Remedies

Honda CBR900 & CBR 1000 Fireblade

Hong Kong: A City Guide for People with Disability

Horizons Geography: Pupil Book 1

Horizons Geography: Teaching & Learning Resources 1

Horizons Geography: Pupil Book 2

Horizons Geography: Teaching & Learning Resources 2

Horizons Geography: Pupil Book 3

Horizons Geography: Teaching & Learning Resources 3

Horse Anatomy: Easy to Understand & Comprehensive
Horse Behavior Explained: Behavioral Science for Riders
Horse Care with Caddie

Horse Talk: The Language of Horses

Hortobagy & Tisza River Floodplain, Hungary

Hospitality Supervision & Leadership, Level 3

Hound of the Baskervilles: 16 Speaking Parts
Dramascripts Classic Texts Series

House by the River

House of Tiny Tearaways

Houses in Difficult Places

Housing & Planning Yearbook 2006, UK Edition

How & Why to Build a Wine Cellar

How I Long to Be With You: War Letters Home

How to Bag a Jabberwock: A Practical Guide to Monster Hunting

How to be Assertive in Any Situation, 2nd Edition

How to Change Absolutuely Anything

How to Complete a Successful Research Project

How to Cook Your Husband the African Way

How to Decide

How to Get Things Done Without
Trying Too Hard, 2nd edition

How to Have a Brilliant Life

How to Have Healthy, Happy Children
How to Help Your Child Read & Write
How to Help Your Child Succeed at School

How to Influence & Persuade

How to Keep Calm & Carry On

How to Make a Million Slowly

How to Pass ECDL for Microsoft® Office 97

How to Pass ECDL for Microsoft® Office XP
How to Pass Intermediate 2 Chemistry
How to Pass Intermediate 2 History

How to Pass Standard Grade Drama

How to Save an Hour Everyday

How to Speak So People Listen

How to Solve Almost Any Problem

How to Succeed in Exams & Assessments, 2nd edition

How to Use Statistics

How to Write About Biology
How To Write Better Law Essays, 2nd edition

How to Write Dissertations & Project Reports, 2nd edition

How to Write Essays & Assignments, 2nd edition

How to Write Essays & Dissertations: A Guide for English Literature Students

How You Can Talk to Anyone In Every Situation

Huang Yong Ping

Hughes Electrical & Electronic Technology, 11th edition

Human Behaviour in the Caring Context

Human Biology & Health Studies, 2nd Edition

Human Geography

Human Neuropsychology, 2nd edition
Human Physiology and Health in the Caring Context

Human Rights: An Introduction

Human Rights & Civil Liberties, 3rd edition

Human Rights in the UK, 4th edition

Human Rights & Civil Liberties, 2nd UK edition
Steve Foster

Hydrology & Global Environmental Change

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

I Drove it My Way: Tales of a London Cabbie

I Love Kawaii

I Merlin

I Survived a Secret Nazi Extermination Camp

IB Skills: Science. A Practical Guide, Student's Book

IB Skills: Science. A Practical Guide, Teacher's Book

Icone. 7.24 X 0.26 Gallery

ICT: A-Level Study Guide
ICT Framework Solutions: Student Book Year 7

ICT Framework Solutions: Student Book Year 8

ICT Framework Solutions: Student Book Year 9

Ideas to Inspire, Teacher's Manual

If You’re Second You Are Nothing: Ferguson & Shankly

IGCSE English as a Second Language

IGCSE Mathematics for Edexcel: With CD-ROM
IGCSE Mathematics Practice for Edexcel

Il Principe Mendicante: Photographic Tribute to St. Francis Caracciolo

Il Segno Dei Designer

Illustrated Dictionary of Sailing Ships, Boats & Steamers

Illustration on Advertising

Images 28: Images Series

Images 29: The Best of British Contemporary Illustration 2005

Images 31: The Best of British Contemporary Illustration 2007

Images 32: The Best of British Contemporary Illustration 2008

Images of Geneva

Impact: Impress Your Way to Success, 2nd edition

Impact of Empires, 2nd Edition

Imperial Outpost in the Gulf: The Airfield at Sharjah (UAE) 1932-1952

Improve Your Maths!
Improvise and Dare: War in the Aegean 1943-1945
In God's Image: The Natural History of Intelligence and Ethics
In Grandpa's Footsteps
In Isadora's Steps: The Story of Isadora Duncan's School in Moscow
In Search of Henry
In the Beginning

In the Footsteps of the Whitechapel Murders

In the Shadow of Caesar

Incompleat Angler

Independence Movements

India's Freedom Reassessed

Indian Head Massage: A Practical Approach

Indian Head Massage in Essence

Individuals & Societies: A Practical Guide. Student Book

Individuals & Societies: MYP by Concept 1

Inductance in Man: A Defence of Poetry

Industrial Age: Economy & Society in Britain Since 1750, 2nd edition

Information and Communication Technology

Information & Communication Technology

Information Systems for You, 3rd Edition

Information Systems for You: Skillbuilder: Office XP Edition
Information Systems for You. Teacher's Edition
Inner Scripts
Innocent in a Revolution

Inorganic Chemistry, 4th edition

Insect Protection for Horses: Tips & Tricks

Inspector Calls

Integrated Management Systems for Construction

Intellectual Property, 8th edition

Intellectual Property Law in the UK

Intelligent Tory: Henry Worms, Lord Pirbright (1840-1903)

Interesting Times

Interesting Year: Bizarre Events in the Lives of Famous People

Intermediate 1 Biology [with Answers]
Intermediate 1 Maths
Intermediate 2 English: With CD-ROM & Suggested Answers
Intermediate Microeconomics, 2nd edition

International A/AS Physics

International AS & A Level Physics

International Business, 4th Edition, With Student Access Kit
International Economics: A European Focus

International Economics: Theories, Themes & Debates

International Economics, 9th edition

International English, Coursebook 1

International English, Workbook 1

International Human Rights Law

International Human Rights Law, 2nd edition

International Macroeconomics

International Mathematics, Coursebook 1

International Mathematics, Workbook 1

International Science, Coursebook 1

International Science, Workbook 1

Interprofessional Working

Inter-War Crisis 1919-1939

Into Africa

Introducing Cultural Studies, 2nd edition

Introducing Medicines Management

Introducing Model Traction Engine Construction, 2nd Edition

Introducing Philosophy of Religion

Introducing Psychology for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals, 2nd edition

Introducing Radio Control Model Aircraft

Introducing Research & Evidence-Based Practice for Nursing &
Healthcare Professionals, 2nd edition

Introducing Social Policy, 2nd edition

Introducing Social Policy, 2nd edition
Cliff Alcock

Introducing Sociological Theory

Introducing Urban Design
Introduction to AutoCAD, 2002
Introduction to Building, 4th edition
Introduction to Computer Law, 5th Edition

Introduction to Communication Disorders: A Lifespan Evidenced-Based Approach, 5th ed.

Introduction to Drug Metabolism, 3rd Edition

Introduction to Ecomomic Geography, 2nd edition

Introduction to Environmental Science

Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare

Introduction to Forensic & Criminal Psychology, 5th edition

Intrduction to Geographical Information Systems, 4th edition

Introduction to Graph Theory, 5th edition

Introduction to Graphical User Interfaces with Java Swing

Introduction to Health Psychology, 3rd edition

Introduction to Human Geography, 4th edition

Introduction to Information Technology Law, 6th edition

Introduction to International Politics

Introduction to International Relations & Religions, 2nd edition

Introduction to International Relations Theory, 3rd edition

Introduction to Land Law, 2nd UK edition
Introduction to Leisure Studies
Introduction to Literature, Criticism & Theory, 3rd edition
Introduction to Microstation J

Introduction to Neonatal Nursing Care, Second Edition

Introduction to Physical Geography & the Environment, 2nd edition

Introduction to Psychology for Health Carers: Foundations in Nursing & Health Care

Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Psychology, 2nd edition

Introduction to Research Methods & Data Analysis in Psychology, 3rd ed.

Introduction to Research Methods & Statistics in Psychology, 2nd edition

Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology, 4th edition

Introduction to Robotics
Introduction to Search Engines & Web Navigation
Introduction to SPSS in Psychology, 6th edition

Introduction to Statistics & SPSS in Psychology

Introduction to Statistics for Nurses

Introduction to Statistics in Psychology, 6th Edition

Introduction to the Nature and Functions of Language
Introduction to XML & Web Technologies

iPad for the Over 50's

Ireland & the Politics of Change

Is Mankind Intelligent Yet?

Is That Cat Dead? And Other Questons About Poison Plants


Islamic Empires 600-1650, 2010

Islamic Empires 600-1650, 2004

I.S.O. System of Units

IT Glossary for Schools

It Shouldn't Happen to a Hairdresser

It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet
Italian Heartbreak: Life Under Mussolini
Italian Risorgimento

Italianissimo One, New Edition, 2 Vol set

Italy: The Rise of Fascism 1896-1946, 4th edition

Italy in the Age of the Renaissance

It's a Boy!: An Owners Manual for Your New Baby
It's a Girl!: An Owners Manual for Your New Baby

It's a Viscount

It's Only Rock 'n' Roll

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Jaguar File III: All Models Since 1922
James I, 2nd edition

Jams, Chutneys and Pickles

Jane Austen & Adlestrop: Her Other Family

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre, 2nd Edition - York Notes
Japan's Hidden Face
Japanese Phrase Book & Dictionary

Jazz A to Z

Jet Sets

Jewel Hunter

Jewish Experience, 2nd edition

Job Well Done: A History of the Palestine Police Force 1920-1948

John Adam: The Mulbuie Murder

Joseph H. Pilates Archive Collection

Journal of a Student Midwife

Journey of a Lifetime and From Elephants to Orchids

Journey of Ascent

Journey Through Time in Africa

Journey: Where Seagulls Dare to Fly

Journey's End (York Notes)

Judaism: Core Edition
Judaism: Essential Edition (for Lower Ability Students)
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar
Nelson Thornes Shakespeare

Julius Caesar Teacher Resource Book
Nelson Thornes Shakespeare

Julius Caesar, 2nd Edition - York Notes
Jungle Bugs in the Night
Just Beyond the Visible: The Art of Being and Becoming

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Kaput & Zosky

Karate for Children, Volume 1: Basics

Kate Walker's 12-Point Guide to Writing Romance
Keep Your Head Down: A Falklands Farewell
Kennedy Devonshire Connection
Kestrel for a Knave
Key Geography Basics (Teacher's book)
Key Geography: New Connections: Thinking and Learning Skills
Key Geography: New Foundations: Thinking and Learning Skills
Key Geography: New Interactions: Thinking and Learning Skills
Key Geography: New Places
Key Geography Places, Scottish Edition
Key Geography Skills
Key Geography Skills: Activity Masters
Key Ideas in Economics, 2nd ed.

Key Ideas in Media
Key Ideas in Politics, 2nd ed.

Key Ideas in Psychology
Key Ideas in Sociology
Key Maths GCSE: Statistics, Revised AQA Edition
Key Maths 7¹: Pupil Book
Key Maths 7¹: Teacher File
Key Maths 7²: Pupil Book
Key Maths 7²: Teacher File

Key Maths: Summary & Practice
Key Science: Chemistry, 3rd Edition Teacher's Guide & Extension File
Key Science: Physics
Key Science: Physics, 3rd Edition Teacher's Guide & Extension File
Key Studies in Psychology, 4th edition
Key to German Grammar for Key Stages 3 and 4

Kids' Cakes, Revised Edition

Kids Design

Kids Superbrands: An Insight into some of Britain's Strongest Kids Brands 2006

Killers on the Moor

Kingdom of Darkness

King Lear, Shakespeare Made Easy

King Lear

Kites: A Practical Handbook for the Modern Kite Flyer
Knight at Tancarville: William Marshal The Landless Years
Know Your Model Aero Engines, 2nd Edition

Know Your Onions: A Light-Hearted Look at Popular Idioms & Sayings


Kosovo War Poetry

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

L. A. Lore

La Raccolta d'arte Esso: 1949-1983

La Stazione Centrale di Napoli

Lab Reports & Projects in Sport & Exercise Science

Lady Waterford

Lancastrians, Yorkists & the Wars of the Roses 1399-1509, 2nd edition

Land Law: European Edition

Land Law, 4th UK edition

Land Rover Defender, 90 and 110
Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover 'Classic'

Land Rover File: 65 Anniversary Edition

Land Rover File: All Models Since 1947

Land Rover Series I, II, IIA and III

Landscapes: Ways of Imagining the World

Landscapes of Defence

Landscaping in Natural Environments

Language & Literature: A Practical Guide. Student Book

Language in Literature

Laptop & Tablet Basics

Laptop & Tablet Basics for the Over 50s

Laptop Basics. Windows 7 Edition

Last of the Hitlers
Last Year of the Gang

Later Gleanings: Further Poems of S.F. Sharp

Lathework: A Complete Course: Workshop Practice Series, No. 34

Laughter in the Air

Law & Ethics: Foundations in Nursing & Health care

Law for Business Students, 5th UK edition

Law for Journalists, 5th UK edition

Law of Contract, 8th edition [UK 2007 Edition]

Law of European Union, 4th edition

Law of the European Union, 6th Edition
Law on the Web: A Student Guide
Leadership & Management

Leadership and Professional Development in Schools

Leadership in Early Years, 2nd edition

Learning Objectives, Task Setting & Differentiation

Learning Through the Workplace

Learning To Fly In 21 Days

Legal Aspects of Nursing, 6th UK edition

Legal English, 2nd UK edition

Legal Method in the United Kingdom, 5th Edition

Legal Philosophy

Leisure: An Introduction

Leisure & Tourism GCSE

LeMone & Burke's Adult Nursing

Lenin, Stalin & Communist Russia: The Myth & Reality of Communism

Lesbos Greece

Let the Children Sing: Giving Voice to Children's Emotions

Letter from Oggi: The Letters of Olga Franklin

Level Best 1: Teacher Resource Book

Life After 30: A Survival Guide for Woman

Life After 50: A Survival Guide for Men

Life After 50: A Survival Guide for Women

Life after Death
Life and Old Age

Life Plan: 700 Simple Ways to Change Your Life for the Better

Light & Sound

Light Sensitive: The Photography of Kathy Harcom

Lighting, 6th Edition

Lightning Strikes

Linear Programming, Sensitivity Analysis & Related Topics

Linguistic Guide to English Poetry
Listening with Light: The Gospel of God
Literacy: Teacher's Resources for Ages 5-6
Literacy: Teacher's Resources for Ages 6-7
Literacy: Teacher's Resources for Ages 7-8
Literacy: Teacher's Resources for Ages 8-9
Literacy: Teacher's Resources for Ages 9-10
Literacy: Teacher's Resources for Ages 10-11
Literacy: What Works?
Literacy Connections
Literature & the Contemporary: Fictions & Theories of the Present
Literature of Terror, 2nd edition: Volume One: The Gothic Tradition

Little Boy Who Listened: Portrait of a Medium

Little Vampire

Living Language. 3rd edition
Living Economy: Reuters Guide to the Economy of Modern Britain
Living Geography, Homework and Assessment Books 1-3
Living Geography, Students' Books 1-3
Living Proof: Is There Life After Death?
Living World of the Old Testament, 4th edition

Locust Years

Log of the "The Old Un" from Liverpool to San Francisco 1886

Loire Valley: Loire, Brenne & Sologne

London: City on a River
Lone Parent Families: Women, Children & the State
Long Reining: The Correct Approach

Long Walk on the Isle of Skye

Longman Brain Trainer Advanced
Longman Companion to Britain in the 18th Century, 1688-1820
Longman Companion to Britain Since 1945, 2nd edition
Longman Companion to Germany Since 1945
Longman Companion to Imperial Russia, 1689-1917
Longman Companion to the European Union Since 1945
Longman Companion to the Middle East Since 1914, 2nd edition

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Longman Handbook of Modern American History: 1763-1996

Longman Dictionary of Language Teaching & Applied Linguistics, 4th edition

Longman Dictionary of Law, 8th edition

Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies

Lord Stuart De Rothesay
Lost and Found

Lost Lake: Early Poems

Lost World

Louis XIV

Love & Death in Vienna

Love & Tears

Love & Old Age: Breaking the Taboo of Sex & the Elderly

Low Cost Architecture

Low Life

Luca Pignatelli

Lunacy in a Nutshell: Mad Topics A-Z

Lungeing: Safe & Proficient

Luther & the German Reformation, 1517-55,
3rd edition

Luther & the Reformation in Europe, 1500-64. 4th edition

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Mac Basics: Mac OS X Lion Edition

Mac Computing for the Over 50s

Macbeth, GCSE



Livewire Series

Neslon Thornes Shakespeare

Macbeth: Globe Education Shorter Shakespeare

Macbeth Teacher Resource Book
Neslon Thornes Shakespeare

Macro Economics

Macroeconomics, Economics Express

Macroeconomics, 2nd edition

Macroeconomics: European Approach
Made in Britain: Inspirational Role Models from British Black and Minority Ethnic Communities
Magazine Writer's Handbook, 9th UK Edition
Magazine Writer's Handbook: International Edition
Magic in Tea Leaves: How to Read the Future in Tea Leaves
Magic of Ribbons
Magic of Self-Acceptance

Make it Fly! Step-by-Step Guide to Make Any Idea, Project or Goal Take Off

Making a Killing: An End of the World Black Comedy

Making Chairs
Making Clocks
Making Designer Furniture for Children, The Home and Garden
Making Gifts With Woodworker

Making History (York Notes)

Making of a Great Power: Late Stuart & Early Georgian Britain, 1660-1722

Making of a One-Handed Economist

Making of Britain's European Foreign Policy

Making of Ireland: Landscapes in Geology, 2nd. Ed.

Making Sense of History: 1745-1901

Making Sense of Maths: Picturing Data Student's Book

Making Sense of Maths: Picturing Data Workbook

Making Sense of Maths: Sorting Letters, Student's Book

Making Sense of Maths: Sorting Letters, Workbook

Making Sense of Maths: Student's Book. All Things Equal

Making Sense of Maths: Workbook. All Things Equal

Making Sense of Maths: Student's Book. Fair Shares

Making Sense of Maths: Workbook. Fair Shares

Making Sense of Math: The Power of Number

Making Sense of Math: The Power of Number

Making Small Workshop Tools

Making Sparkling Wines, Updated Edition

Malt Whiskey Yearbook 2016: The Facts,The People,The News,The Stories

Man of Courage: The Life and Career of Tommy Farr
Man Who Would Be Bing: The Life Story of Michael Holliday

Management of Pain

Managing Hazards & the Enviroment

Managing in Health Care: A Guide for
Nurses, Midwives & Health Visitors

Managing Interactive Media, 4th edition
Managing Primary Classrooms
Managing Quality in Schools, 2nd Edition:
Effective Strategies for Quality Based School Improvement

Managing the Effective Primary School
Managing the Modern Languages Classroom

Manchester United: Tales from History - The Official Graphic Novel, Volume 1

Mandarin B for the IB Diploma

Mandarin Chinese Phrase Book & Dictionary

Manhattan Tales 1920-1945

Mann's Men

Manual of Climbers and Wall Plants The New Royal Horticultural Society Dictionary
Manufacturing Technology, 2nd edition

Mao's China 1936-97, 3rd Edition


Marche People & Land

Marine in the Great War

Market Killing: What the Free Market Does
& What Social Scientists Can Do About It

Martin Bonehouse: One Man's Look Within
Mary Ford Cake and Biscuit Recipes
Mary Ford Decorative Sugar Flowers for Cakes
Mary Ford Novelty Cakes
Mary Ford One Hundred Easy Cake Designs
Mary Ford Writing in Icing
Mary Ford's New Book of Cake Decorating
Masaba: A Novel

Massage and Aromatherapy, 2nd Edition
Massimo Gatti: Back Stage
Mastering Geography
Mastering Office 2000 through CLAIT and IBT II
Mastering Teaching Skills Series -- Learning Objectives Task-Setting and Differentiation
Mastering the ACI Dealing Certificate

Masters of the Wired World

Mathematical Games

Mathematical Studies for the IB Diploma, 2nd edition

Maths in Practice 2

Mathematics, 5th Edition: The Basic Skills

Mathematics: A Practical Guide. Student Book

Mathematics: A Practical Guide.Teacher Book

Mathematics: Study & Revision Guide

Mathematics for Adults: Basic Mathematics Explained

Mathematics for Economics & Business, 8th ed

Mathematics for Engineers, 3rd edition

Mathematics for the Future, 2nd Edition

Mathematics, Mechanics and Probability

Mathematics Study & Revision Guide, 2nd edition

Mathematics To Do

Maths: The Basic Skills
Maths Boosters, Level 4
Maths Boosters, Level 5: Photocopiable Pupil's Resource
Maths for Advanced Biology
Maths for Advanced Chemistry
Maths for Advanced Physics
Maths for the Building Trades
MATLAB 6 for Engineers: An Introduction

Matter of Timing: Alzheimer's - A Carer's Journey

Max Quadrant & the Deus Crystal

Maximising Life Satisfaction Over the Lifespan

Mayday: Disasters at Sea
Meals without Tears: How to Get Your Child to Eat Healthily & Happily

Measure for Measure

Measuring and Marking Metals

Mechanical Engineering Science, 3rd edition


Mechanics & Materials, Waves & Particles

Mechanics & Radioactivity, revised edition

Mechanics of Flight, 12th edition

Mechanics of Fluids, 7th Edition

Mechatronics, 5th edition. Electronic Control
Systems in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Media, 3rd edition

Media Studies, 2nd edition

Media Studies AS & A2: A-Level Study Guide

Medical Ethics

Medical Law in the UK

Medical Mysteries: The Testament of a Clinical Scientist

Medicine & Health Through Time

Medicine Through the Ages

Medicines Management
Medieval Natural World
Medieval Persia 1040-1797
Medieval Realms 1066-1500 Higher Ability Pack

Medieval Realms 1066-1500 Lower Ability Pack

Medieval Realms for Common Entrance & Key Stage 3, 2nd edition

Memoirs of a Jazz-Age Babe

Memory: How It Is & How It Works: Facts, Theories & Approaches

Memory Book

Men & the Emergence of Polite Society, Britain 1660-1800

Mental Health Nursing

Merchant of Venice
Merchant of Venice
Nelson Thornes Shakespeare

Merchant of Venice Teacher's Guide
Nelson Thornes Shakespeare

Merchant of Venice
Philip Allan Literature Guide for A-Level

Metalwork and Machining Hints and Tips

Metalworker's Workshop

Methuselah Gene: A Science Fiction Adventure Thriller
MG File
MG Midget and Austin Healey Sprite
MGF & TF (1995-2004)

Microeconomics, Economics Express

Microeconomics, 3rd Edition

Microeconomics, 6th edition

Microorganisms and Biotechnology, 2nd edition, 2001
Midas Man
Middle Management in Schools

Midsummer Night's Dream

Midsummer Night's Dream, New edition

Midsummer Night's Dream Teacher Resource Book
Millennial Look at World Cinema

Millennium Yacht Design Award. 2004-2008

Milling: A Complete Course

Milling Machine & Accessories

Mimmo Rotella: Opere Su Carta

Mind-Bending Puzzles & Fascinating Facts

Mind Driving: New Skills for Staying Alive on the Road

Mind Map Book

Mindful of Butterflies

Mindfulness for Busy People

Minds at War

Miracle Boy

Missing Arms of Venus de Milo: Reflections on the Science of Attractiveness
Mitchell's Introduction to Building, 5th edition

Moated Grange: A history of south Norfolk through the story of one home, 1300-2000

Model Aeroplane Building, 2nd Edition

Model Aircraft Aerodynamics, 5th Revised Edition
Model Engineering
Model Engineer's Handbook, 3rd Edition
Model Engineers' Workshop Projects
Model Flight
Model Locomotive from Scratch
Model Marine Steam
Model Rocketry Handbook: 21st Century Edition
Modern Diplomacy, 4th edition
Modern Engineering Mathematics, 5th Edition
Modern Genre Theory
Modern God
Modern Organic Chemistry, 3rd Edition
Modern Papacy, 1798-1995

Modern World History: Option B, The 20th Century


Modernist Fiction: An Introduction, 2nd edition
Molecular Neuroscience
Molecule & Cells, revised edition: Nelson Advanced Science

Money Zone

Monster Hunter: The Adventures

More Dangerous Ground: The Inside Story of Britain's Best Known Investigative Journalist, revised edition

More Sherlock Holmes than James Herriot: The Veterinary Detectives

More Tails of the Fifties (Volume 2)

More Than the Soil: Rural Change in SE Asia

Morris Ware, Tiles & Art of George Cartlidge

Mot a Mot, 5th edition

Mother Goose's Bedtime Rhymes
Books & CD Pack

Motherhood in Taiwan

Motocourse 2004-2005: The World's Leading Grand Prix & Superbike Annual

Motorcycle Yearbook 2007
Motoring Atlas & Hotel Guide: Britain 2008
Mountain Environments: Ecogeography Series
Move! Action Photography by Reuters

Move to Global War

Movies Crosswords, 1st Edition

Moving Probation Forward: Evidence, Arguments & Practice in the UK

Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing Teacher Resource Book

Mud & the City

Mud Fever: Prevention, Diagnosis & Treatment

Music & the Spiritual: Composers & Politics in the 20th Century

Muslim Experience, 2nd edition

Muslim Experience: Foundation Edition

Muslims & the West

My Fat Horse: How to Help Your Horse Lose Weight

My Friend Henry

My Gentle Jim: A Love Story

My Left Boob: A Cancer Diary

My Lucky Life: In War, Revolution, Peace and Diplomacy

My Painting Life

My Revision Notes: WJEC History Route A, 2nd ed.

My Struggle with Joseph Stalin

Myanmar: Serenity & Transition in Burma, A Photo Guide

Mysteries of Lost Empires

Mystery of Yamashita's Map

Myth of Intelligence

Myths & Mysteries of the First World War

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Na Klar! Student's Book 1

Na Klar! Student's Book 2. Higher Grade German

Na Klar! Student's Book 2. Lower Grade German

Na Klar! Student's Book 3

Na Klar! Teacher's Book 1

Na Klar! Teacher's Book 2. Higher Grade German

Na Klar! Teacher's Book 2. Lower Grade German

Na Klar! Teacher's Book 3

Nahum Tevet

Naked Heroine: From the French Resistance to the Folies Bergere

Name, Rank and Number: A POW's Indomitable Will to Survive

Napoleon - A Novel

Napoleon and Europe

Napoleon, France & Europe

Narcissism: Behind the Mask

Narcissism: Behind the Mask (paperback)

Nation of Immigrants?

Native Peoples of North America

Natural Resource & Environmental Economics, 3rd edition

Natural Wonders: A Panoramic Vision

Naturale Marea: Missimiliano Alioto

Nazi Germany 1930-1939

Nazi Germany 1933-45

Nearly a Chinese: A Life of Clifford Stubbs

Nell of the Seas

Nelson GCSE Modular Science, Volume 1
Nelson GCSE Modular Science, Volume 2
Nelson Thornes AQA Modular Science - Book 1 Higher
Nelson Thornes Framework English 1 -- Skills in Fiction
Nelson Thornes Framework English 2 Skills in Fiction
Nelson Thornes Framework English 3 Skills in Fiction
Nelson Thornes Framework English 1 - Skills in Non-Fiction
Nelson Thornes Framework English 2 Skills in Non-Fiction

Nelson Thornes Framework English 3 Skills in Non-Fiction

Netbook Basics

Never Let Me Go

New Biology for You

New Chemistry for You

New Connections: Key Geography

New Connections, Key Geography Teacher's Resource Guide (CD included)

New Encyclopaedia of Brighton

New First Chemistry Course
New Foundations: Key Geography
New Foundations, Teacher's Resource Guide, with CD-ROM
New Ideas for Religious Education, Volume 1
New Interactions: Key Geography
New Key Geography Connections, Year 8 Pupil's Book

New Key Geography Connections, Year 8 Teacher's Book

New Key Geography Foundations, Year 7 Pupil's Book

New Key Geography Foundations, Year 7 Teacher's Book

New Key Geography Interactions, Year 9 Pupil's Book

New National Curriculum Mathematics
New National Framework Mathematics 7
New National Framework Mathematics 7 +
New National Framework Mathematics Core 8
New National Framework Mathematics 8 +
New National Framework Mathematics Core 9
New National Curriculum Mathematics, Teacher's Book
New Period Ship Handbook

New Physics for You

New Science Teacher's Handbook
New Shoots: Images of Plants, Gardens & the Natural World, 2001
New Steps in Religious Education: Book 1, Foundation Edition
New Steps in Religious Education Book Two Foundation Edition
New Steps in RE Foundation Editions - Book Three
New Steps In Religious Education: Teacher's Support Pack 1
New Steps In Religious Education: Teacher's Support Pack 2
New Steps In Religious Education: Teacher's Support Pack 3
New Wider World: Thinking Skills. Teacher's Resource

New Zealand Bed & Breakfast 2015

Nexus Planbooks Series

Night Fighter World

Nine to Days to Armageddon

No Fancy Life

No News is Bad News: Radio, Television & the Public

Non-Verbal Reasoning. Workbook Age 8-10

Non-Verbal Reasoning. Workbook Age 9-11

Non-Verbal Reasoning. Workbook Age 10-12

No-One Land: Israel / Palestine 2000-2002

No Time to Lose: A Post-War Romance

North-east Poland

Northern Countries from AD 1000

Not Alone: An Autobiography
Nottingham Business Studies Project
Nottingham Business Studies Project for AS

Nottingham Business Studies Teacher Support Pack

Now & Then Dubai

Number Magic

Number Works!

Numeracy for QTLS

Nunziante: Opere 1997-2007

Nursing & Health: Antenatal Midwifery Skills

Nursing & Health: Cancer Care Survival Guide

Nursing & Health: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Nursing & Health: Child Protection

Nursing & Health: Clinical Skills Survival Guide, 2nd edition

Nursing & Health:Dementia Care

Nursing & Health: Disbetes Survival Guide

Nursing & Health: Drugs in Use Survival Guide, 2nd edition

Nursing & Health: Essential Clinical Skills Survival Guide

Nursing & Health: Evidence-Based Practice

Nursing & Health: Labour Midwifery Skills

Nursing & Health: Maths & Medications Survival Guide, 2nd edition

Nursing & Health: Medical Abbreviations & Normal Ranges

Nursing & Health: Mentorship

Nursing & Health: Objective Structured Clinical Examination

Nursing & Health: Palliative Care Survival Guide

Nursing & Health: Portfolios & Reflective Practice Survival Guide

Nursing & Health: Postnatal & Neonatal Midwifery Skills

Nursing & Health: Record Keeping Survival Guide

Nursing & Health: Survival Guide

Nursing & Health: Wound Care

Nursing & Health Survival Guide: Clinical Assessment

Nursing Care

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Object-Oriented Analysis & Design

Objects & Materials

Occupational Psychology
Steele, Solowiej, Bicknell & Sands

Occupational Psychology

Occupational Stress

OCR Applied Business for GCSE Double Award

OCR Business & Communication Systems for GCSE

OCR Business Studies for AS

OCR Business Studies for GCSE, 2nd edition

OCR Crime & Punishment Through Time

OCR Electronics for AS

OCR GCSE Modern World History. Revision, 2nd edition

OCR Information & Communication Technology for A2

OCR Information & Communication Technology GCSE: Student's Book

OCR Media for AS Studies, 3rd edition

OCR Psychology for AS

OCR Psychology Student Guide 1: Component 1: Research Methods


Odyssey of Homer: A New Translation

Of Mice & Men

Off Beam, Off Side, Off Menu: An Appeal from the Catholic Pews

Off Road UAE Explorer, 3rd Edition

Office 2010

Old Macdonald's Farm

Old Pilots, Bold Pilots

Old Trails & Frontiers: Driving the American Southwest

Oldest Girl: The Story of Maria Goretti

Oman Explorer, 3rd Edition

Oman Trekking Explorer
On Course for GCSE Maths: Foundation and Intermediate Tiers With Answers

On Course for GCSE Maths: Intermediate and Higher Tiers With Answers

On Fire

On the Road: The Art of the Journey
On the Trail of Arthur Conan Doyle
One Man in His Time: The Diary of a Palestine Policeman 1946-48
One More Step! by Johnny Brandon
One World Many Issues
Open Championship: Royal Troon 2004
Open Championship: Official Annual of the Open Championship 2005

Optimising Learning Through Practice

Orders of Battle
Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry, Energetics, Kinetics & Equilibrium, revised edition
Organic Chemistry for Health & Life Science, 4th edition
Organic Gardener's Experience


Origins & Development of Authoritarian & Single-Party States

Ornamental Turning



Othello Teacher Resource Book

Other Fleet Street: How Manchester Made Newspapers National

Other Sylvia Plath

Ouch! What You Don't Know About Money & Why it Matters

Our Son from Afar: The Long Road to Adoption

Our World in Transition: Making Sense of a Changing World
Out in the Dark

Out of my Head: An Experience of Neurosurgery

Out of Order

Outstanding Formative Assessment: Culture & Practice

Outdoor Design Dal 1870

Oxford, The Colleges and University: A Photographic Essay

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Pack! Pack!

Painting and Finishing Models

Palabra por Palabra, 5th edition

Palazzo Montecitorio: The Art Nouveau Building

Palazzo Montecitorio: The Baroque Building

Paolo Chiasera

Paolo Ulian: Tra Gioco e Discarica

Parallel Poems

Pardoner's Prologue & Tale

Parents' Book of Checklists: From Toddlers to Teenagers 2007


Parola per Parola, 2nd edition

Pastoral Education
Pathology & Pharmacology of Mental Illness

Pathways into Caring

PC Operation & Repair, 2nd edition


Peacemaking, Peacekeeping: International Relations 1918-36

Peel & the Conservative Party 1830-1850

People & Environment: A Global Approach

People & Place: The Extraordinary Geographies of Everyday Life

People in Society Modern Studies for S1 and S2

People, Politics & Pressure Groups

The People's Republic of China 1949-1976

Percy Lifar: A Play

Perilous Crown

Perino & Vele

Period Ship Handbook

Period Ship Handbook 2

Periodicity, Quantitative Equilibria & Functional Group Chemistry, revised edition

Permanent Mimesis: An Exhibition about Simulation & Realism

Personal and Social Education, Volumes 1-5

Personality & Individual Differences

Personality, Individual Differences & Intelligence, 3rd edition

Perspectives on Play

Persuasion: The Art of Influencing People

Persuasive Writing

Peter May

Peter the Great

Peugeot 205

Pharmacology for Midwives, 2nd edition

Phenomenological Psychology

Philip II


Philosophy of Religion & Religious Ethics

Philosophy of Religion for A Level, New Edition

Philosophy of Religion, 3rd edition

Philosophy of Social Science: New Perspectives

Philosophy of Social Research, 3rd edition

Philosophy Through Christianity, 2nd edition

Photo Etching: Workshop Practice Series, No. 36

Photoshop Elements 9

Physical Education, 3rd edition

Physical Education: Anatomy & Exercise Physiology, AS/A-Level

Physical Education: Historical Factors & Contemporary Issues, AS/A-Level

Physical Education: Skills Acquisition & Sports Psychology, AS/A-Level

Physical Geography

Physical Processes - Science for You

Physics, 2nd edition

Physics: Study & Revision Guide, 2nd edition

Physics for the IB Diploma, 2nd edition

Physics for the IB: MYP by Concept 4 & 5

Physics for You, Revised Edition

Physics For You: Support Pack, Revised Edition

Pick & Mix: An Anthology

Pilates Method of Body Conditioning - An Introduction to the Core Exercises

Pilgrimage / Brokenville

Pioneers of Ecological Humanism

Pirelli World Rallying 2007-2008
Pirelli World Rallying 31
Pitman New Era Shorthand, Anniversary Edition
Place and People

Place to Stay: Hotels of New Zealand

Planetary Pioneers

Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment in Practice
Plant Molecular Genetics

Plant Physiology
The Structure of Plants Examined

Plants & Animals

Plants of the Balearic Islands, 4th Edition

Plants of the Falkland Islands

Plastics for Modellers

Playing the Harmonica

Plumbing: Mechanical Services Book Two, 5th edition

Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Books 1, 2 and 3

PlusWine: The Best & More Original Label Wines of the World

Pocket Guide to Wild Food

Poetry 3rd Ed.: The Secret Gems of Poetry Revealed
Poets' Handbook: A Guide to Building Great Poems
Pointe Shoes

Polish Phrase Book & Dictionary

Political Geography, 6th edition

Political History of Western Europe Since 1945, 5th edition
Politics on the Web: A Student Guide

Politics USA, 2nd edition

Poor Little Rich Girls

Population & Migration, 2nd edition

Porsche 911
Porsche 911 Carrera, Turbo & RS (964)
Porsche Boxster & Cayman. All Models 1996 to 2007
Porsche 911 Carrera, GT & Turbo (997)
Porsche 911 Carrera, Turbo & GT (996)
Porsche 911 Carrera RS & Turbo (993)
Porsche 917
Porsche 944 & 968 (1981 - 1995)

Porsche Boxster & Boxster S

Portrait of the Artist's Wife

Postcolonial Literature

Postmodernism: A Reader
Potter Guide to Higher Education, 14th edition

Poverty & Poor Law Reform in 19th Century Britain, 1834-1914

Power of Freedom

PowerPoint 2010

Practical Advanced Biology, 2nd Edition

Practical Cookery,13th edition

Practical Cookery, Level 3. 5th edition

Practical Cookery Recipes for Hospitality

Practical Drama: The Secrets of Theatre Arts Revealed

Practical Exercises for ECDL Using Office XP & 2003
Practical Exercises for ECDL4

Practical Exercises for New CLAIT 2006 Using Office XP

Practical Guide to Activities for Older Children, 2nd edition

Practical Guide to Activities for Young Children, 4th edition

Practical Guide to Beauty Therapy -- Level 1

Practical Guide to Beauty Therapy -- Level 2

Practical Guide to Beauty Therapy for Level 2, 3rd Edition
Practical Guide to Child Development Volume 1: The Child
Practical Guide to Child Development Teacher's Book
Practical Guide to Child Nutrition, 2nd Edition
Practical Guide to Child Observation & Assessment, 3rd edition
Practical Guide to Equal Opportunities 2nd Edition
Practical Guide to Working with Parents
Practical Guide to Working with Babies Third Edition
Practical Guide to Working With Young Children, 3rd Edition

Practical Phonetics

Practical Skills in Biomolecular Sciences, 4th edition

Practical Skills in Chemistry, 2nd edition

Practical Skills in Environmental Science

Practical Skills in Food Science, Nutrition & Dietetics

Practical Skills in Forensic Science

Practical Skills in Sports & Exercise Science

Practice in Physics, 4th edition

Practice of Psychosocial Occupational Therapy, 3rd edition
Preface to D. H. Lawrence

Prenatal Diagnosis -- The Human Side, Second Edition

Presidency & Presidental Power, 2nd edition

Prevention of Food Poisoning, 4th Edition

Pride & Prejudice
Philip Allan Literature Guide for A- Level

Pride and Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice
York Notes

Pride & Prejudice

Princess from St. Petersburg

Principles and Practice of Perfumery and Cosmetics
Principles of Macroeconomics
Primary Education Yearbook 2006/2007, UK Edition
Primary School Management and Leadership Towards 2000
Principles and Techniques for the Beauty Specialist, 3rd Edition
Principles and Techniques for the Electrologist
Principles of Caring: Foundations in Nursing & Health care
Principles of Education Management
Printer's Daughter: An American's Romance in Early 19th Century London
Priority Passage

Private Collection of the Teachings of the Masters: Volume 1

Procrastination Equation

Product Design for Key Stage 3
Product Design for Key Stage 3: Teacher Support Pack
Professional Development Manual, 3rd Edition
Project Management, 3rd Edition
Projects in Computing & Information Systems: A Student's Guide

Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence, 4th edition

Promise, The

Promo! Calendars, Pamphlets, T-Shirts, and more..

Promoting Collaboration in Primary Mental Health Care

Properties of Concrete, 5th edition

Property Law,6th UK edition

Property Makeover Price Guide. UK Edition

Prosperity, Depression & the New Deal

Protein Crunch

Protestant Reformation in Europe

PSHE in the Primary School

Psychobabble: Exploding the Myths of the Self-Help Generation

Psychodrama: Modern Art as Group Therapy

Psychological Zodiac
Psychology: The Complete Companion, revised edition
Psychology: The Exam Companion
Psychology: The Science of Mind & Behaviour, 7th edition
Psychology: The Teacher's Companion & CD-ROM

Psychology: 2nd European Edition

Psychology, 5th ed.

Psychology AQA(A) A2

Psychology: AQA (A) AS

Psychology AS The Complete Companion

Psychology A2 -- The Complete Companion (AQA 'A' Specification)

Psychology AS for OCR

Psychology for AS - The Complete Companion AQA 'A' Specification
Psychology AS - The Exam Companion AQA 'A' Specification

Psychology AS The Mini Companion AQA 'A'Specification

Psychology for Nurses

Psychology for the IB Diploma

Psychology of Effective Learning & Teaching

Psychology on the Web: A Students Guide
Psychology with MyPschLab, 3rd edition

Public Health Approaches to Practice

Public Policy Process, 6th edition

Pulling Myself Together

Pulpo Paris Fashion Shopping
Pure Mathematics

Pure Mathematics I

Pure Mathematics 1: Practice Book

Pure Mathematics 1 (Contains CD- ROM)

Pure Mathematics 2 & 3 (Includes CD-ROM)

Pure Mathematics 2 & 3 Practice Book

Pure Wisdom

Purple Hibiscus

Pyramids of Egypt: How Were they Really Built?

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Quantitative Methods Economics Express

Queens & Empresses, From Cleopatra to Queen Victoria

Quest: A World of Change 1900-2000

Quest: A World of Change 1900-2000. Activity Support Guide

Quest: Black Peoples of the Americas Activity Support Guide

Quest for the Golden Penguin

Quest for the Lost World
Quest The Roman World
Quest The Roman World -- Activity Support Guide
Questions About God, New Edition

Quick and Easy Cakes

Quick & Easy Homemade Meals: A Book of Tasty
Recipes for the Busy Person

Quick Revision: English
Quick Revision: French
Quick Revision: Geography
Quick Revision: History
Quick Revision: Maths
Quick Revision: Science

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Racism & Ethnicity

Racism, Crime & Criminal Justice
Radio Control Foam Modelling, 2nd Edition
Radio Control Model Cars
Radio Control in Model Boats, 3rd Edition
Radio Control Primer, 3rd Edition
Radio Controlled Helicopters, 2nd edition
Raising Chickens for Eggs & Meat
Rally Yearbook 2007-2008: World Rally Championship
Rage of the Serbs
Rape of Tutankhamun
R/C Sports Aircraft from Scratch
Reach for the Moon

Reaction & Revolution: Russia 1894-1924, 4th Edition

Reading into Science -- Biology

Reading into Science -- Chemistry
Reading into Science -- Physics

Reading Poetry: An Introduction

Reading to Barbados & Back

Real Ales for the Home Brewer, 2nd edition
Real Cidermaking on a Small Scale
Really Practical Guide to Primary Assessment, 2nd Edition
Really Practical Guide to Primary Geography, 2nd Edition
Really Practical Guide to Primary History, 2nd Edition
Really Practical Guide to Primary Religious Education, 2nd Edition
Really Practical Guide to Primary Science, 2nd Edition
Reasonable Man: A Modern Hero of Our Times

Rebellion & Disorder Under the Tudors 1485-1603, 2nd edition

Recipes for Natural Beauty: Authoritative Guide to Making Your Own Body, Skin & Hair Care Preparations

Recognizing the Numeracy in Nursing & Managing the 'Sum'

Red Arrows

Red Badge of Courage

Red Lion Brewery: Hoare & Co.

Reef Animals of the Pacific Northwest

Reengineering and Total Quality in Schools

Reflective Pratice & Early Years Professionalism, 3rd edition

Reflexology 2nd Edition: A Practical Approach

Reflexology for Holistic Therapists

Reframing Migrant Integration

Rehabilitation of the Older Person -- A Handbook for the Interdisciplinary Team, Third Edition
Reign of King Stephen, 1135-1154
Reign of Mary I, 2nd edition
Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Design

Relax and Make Your Stress Work for You

Religion & Human Experience

Religion & Life

Religion & Society, 3rd edition

Religions & Beliefs -- Buddhism Pupil Book

Religions & Beliefs -- Christianity Pupil Book

Religions & Beliefs -- Connections CD-ROM

Religions & Beliefs -- Hinduism Pupil Book
Religions & Beliefs -- Islam Pupil Book

Religions & Beliefs -- Judaism Pupil Book

Religions & Beliefs -- Sikhism Pupil Book

Religions & Beliefs -- Teacher Support File

Religions to Inspire: Hinduism

Religions to Inspire: Islam

Religions to Inspire: Judaism

Religions to Inspire: Sikhism

Religious Studies for Common Entrance, 2nd edition

Remembrance: Poems & Readings. Reflection on Matters of War & Peace

Remo Salvadori

Remodelling Schools Manual: Workforce Reform
The Republic: Plato

Requirements Analysis & System Design, 2nd edition (Included CD-ROM)

Rescuing Olivia

Research in the Early Years

Research Made Real

Research Methods for Education

Research Methods for Psychology

Research Methods in Health, Social and Early Years Care

Research Methods in Psychology

Researching & Writing a Dissertation, 3rd edition

Researching Your Family History Online

Residential Versus Community Care
Resistant Materials Technology, Revised Edition
Respect Citizenship Through RE and PSE
Respiration & Coordination, revised edition
Resource & Environmental Management
Restaurants in Barbados
Restless for Morocco
Rethinking Language & Gender Research: Theory & Practice
Reuter Reporter Among the Communists 1958-1959

Revise for Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Maths

Revise for Cambridge Science Primary Checkpoint: Science Study Guide

Revolutionary Conflicts

Rider's Aids: How to Get it Right

Riding Aids: Basic Terms of Harmonious Communication with Rider & Horse

Rise & Fall of Percy Perrin

Rise of the Great Powers, 1648-1815

Rise of the Labour Party 1880-1945, 3rd edition

Rise of UKIP: A Look at Britain's New Political Party


Road to Beijing

Road to Freedom

Robin Cook: Principles & Power

Rockets of the Reich

Role of the Mental Health Nurse

Roman Catholic Christianity

Roman Empire

Roman Empire, Foundation

Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet
Globe Education Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet
Nelson Thornes Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet Teacher's Guide
Nelson Thornes Shakespeare

Romeo & Juliet, 2nd Edition - York Notes

Ronald Hearn: Medium

Ronnie: The Autobiography of Ronnie Wood


Room Service

Room with a View

Rope to Freedom

Rose in No Man's Land

Rosl's Daughter

Rough Guide to Choreography

Rules of Life, 3rd edition

Rules of Love, 2nd edition

Rules of Parenting: A Personal Code of Bringing up Happy, Confident Children

Rules of Wealth [CD]

Rules of Wealth, 3rd edition

Rules to Break

Russia & its Rulers 1855-1964, 2nd edition

Russia Under Tsarism & Communism, 1881-1953, 2nd edition

Russian Phoenix
Russian Phrase Book & Dictionary

Russian Politics & Society

Russian Revolution

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch: The Official Episode GuideSailing My Dream

Sacred Parodies: A Collection Poems

Sale of the Late King's Goods: Charles I & His Art Collection
Sammy's Breakfast Swim
Samuel Beckett

Sanity, Security, Sanctuary

Sapone Sapey

Sassenach's Escape Manual

Sausage Book, 2nd edition

Saving the Pound? Britain's Road to Monetary Union

Saws and Sawing

Say Hello to Snowy Animals! Touch & Feel Animals on Every Page
Say it with Confidence: The 7 Step Plan
Scale Aircraft for Free Flight
Scale Colour for Modellers

Scanners 5: 5th Revised & Updated Edition

Scanning & Editing Your Old Photos

Scapegoat: The Life & Tragedy of a Fighting Admiral
& Churchill's Role in His Death

School Development Manual

School Effectiveness and School Improvement
School for Scandal: York Notes Advanced
Schooling as You Hack: Getting Your Horse Fit

Schools for the 21st Century

Science Interact 7: Key Stage 3

Science Key Stage I, 3rd Edition: Teacher's Resource Book

Sciences: MYP by Concept 1

Scientific Principles for Physical Geographers

Scientifica for Year 7. Age 12. Pupil's Book
Scientifica for Year 7. Age 12. Teacher's Book
Scientifica for Year 8. Age 13. Pupil's Book
Scientifica for Year 8. Age 13. Teacher's Book
Scientifica for Year 9. Age 14. Pupil's Book

Scientifica for Year 9. Age 14. Teacher's Book

Scotland & The Impact of The Great War 1914-1928

Scottish Wars of Independence 1286-1328

Scout's Honor, Vol.1

Screwcutting in the Lathe

Script Sampler: Extracts for performance at GCSE

Season of Music

Second Best Bed: In Search of Anne Hathaway

Second World War

Second World War & the Americas 1933-45

Second World War in Europe, 2nd edition

Secret Life of Cities: The Social Reproduction of Everyday Life
Secrets of Ships in Bottles

Seeing Red: A Photographic Record of the 2005 British Superbike Championship, Vol. 3

Serving of Verse

Serving Two Masters: Parish Patronage in the Church of England since 1714
Seven Visions of God
Sex Education
Sex, Lies & Democracy: The Press & the Public
Sex, Politics & Society, 3rd edition
Shakespeare: The Barriers Removed
Shakespeare: The Last Plays

Shakespeare's Sonnets & Narrative Poems

Shape & Space

Sharjah's Architectural Splendour

She-Wolf & the Sphinx

Sheet Metal Work

Sherlock Holmes: The Missing Earl & Other New Adventures

Sherlock Holmes: The Russian Connection

Sherlock Holmes and the Limehouse Horror

Shiatsu for Your Horse: Enhance Your Horse's Wellbeing & Happiness
Ship Model Builder's Handbook
Ship So Far
Shipwrecks from the Egyptian Red Sea
Shop Design: A Guide to the Newest Stores in the World
Shoreham Airport: Record of Visiting Aircraft
Shoreham Airport, Sussex, 2nd edition
Short Stories by Arthur Conan Doyle
Short Stories by Charles Dickens
Short Stories by Edgar Allen Poe
Short Stories by Hans Christian Andersen
Short Stories by H.G. Wells
Short Stories by Katherine Mansfield
Short Stories by Oscar Wilde
Short Stories by Thomas Hardy
Show Jumping Made Easy: The Way to Successful Show Jumping
Shroud Mafia: The Creation of a Relic?

Signal Transduction

Signs Given That We Might Act

Sigue! Student's Book

Sikh Experience, 2nd edition

Silent Nights: How to Develop a Peaceful Sleeping Routine
Silent Sound: The Story of Two Years in Antarctica
& the First Winter Occupation of Alexander Island

Simple Workshop Devices, 2nd Edition

Sinai: The Abundant Emptiness

Single Parent's Handbook

Sir Francis Richard Fraser (1885-1964): A Canny Scot Shapes British Medicine
Site Carpentry & Joinery, 2nd Edition
Six Feet Under
Six Religions in the Twenty-First Century
Skills in Advanced Biology, Vol. 2: Observing, Recording and Interpreting
Skills in Grammar & Style: Student's Book 1

Skills in Grammar & Style: Student's Book 2

Skills in Grammar & Style: Teacher's Guide

Skirrid Hill

Slave Trade

Small Bars

Small Eco Houses

Small Hotels & Rural Hotels

Small Radio Control Boats

Small Restaurants

Smallholder's Veterinary Handbook

Smart One

Smarter Student: Skills & Strategies for Success at University (2007)

Smarter Student Planner

Smith & Keenan's Company Law, 16th UK ed.

Smith & Keenan's English Law: Text & Cases. 15th edition

Smith & Keenan's English Law, 17th ed.

So You Want to Go to Oxbridge? 4th edition

Social Anthropology

Social Baby: Understanding Babies' Communication from Birth
Social Bridge with Serious Fun
Social Change in South East Asia: New Perspectives

Social Democracy & the Working Class in 19th & 20th Century Germany

Social Ethics

Social Europe
Social History of the Russian Empire 1650-1825

Social Marketing

Social Movements in Politics: A Comparative Study:
Germany's Green, Poland's Solidarity & Peru's Shining Path

Social Networking for the Over 50s

Social Psychology
Psychology Express

Social Psychology, 5th edition (2007)

Social Policy: Issues & Developments in the UK

Social Psychology, 7th Edition

Social Psychology: Traditional & Critical Perspectives

Social Services Yearbook. 2007 UK Edition
Social Welfare Alive! 3rd Edition

Social Work, 2nd edition

Social Work Law, 4th UK edition

Society & Exploitation Through Nature

Sociology, 5th edition. A Global Introduction

Sociology, 5th ed.
Making Sense of Society

Sociology Alive! 3rd Edition

Sociology AS - The Complete Companion (AQA)

Sociology of Healthcare, 2nd edition

Sociology of Sport
Sociology of the Mentally Disordered Offender
Sociology on the Web: A Student Guide
Software Development: Case Studies in JAVA
Software Development with UML
Software Engineering for Students, 4th edition
Soldering and Brazing

Soldier & a Women: Women's Role in the Military

Soldiers, Politicians & Other Animals

Sounding Symbol: Music Education in Action
Sounds of Music: Teacher's Book for 10-11 Year-Olds
Sounds of Singing: Teacher's Book for 4-7 Year-Olds
Sounds of Singing: Teacher's Book for 7-11 Year-Olds

Sounds of Singing: Teacher's Book for 12-13 Year-Olds

South Africa

South American War: Behind the Scenes in the Fight for the Falklands

South Asia in a Globalising World: A Reconstructed Regional Geography
Soviet Aid to the Third World: The Facts & Figures

Soviet Union 1917-1991, 2nd edition

SPACE: From Maxxi's Collections of Art & Architecture

Space Age Lights

Spain's Civil War, 2nd edition

Spanish B for the IB Diploma. Student's Book

Spanish Eagle: The Restoration

Spanish Foreign Language

Spanish Foreign Language, Grammar Workbook

Spanish Phases 3-5, MYP by Concept 4 & 5

Spanish Pyrenees & Steppes of Huesca, Spain, revised edition

Speak for Youself: Talk to Impress, Influence & Make an Impact

Speaking Better French: Achieving Fluency with Everyday Expressions, 2nd Edition

Speaking Eye: Byron's Aberdeen

Speed Reading Book

Spelling First 1
Spelling First 2
Spelling First 3
Spies, Lies & Whistleblowers: M15, M16 & the Shayler Affair
Spies: York Notes Advanced
Spire (York Notes)
Spirit of Europe: A Subliminal History
Sport & PE: A Complete Guide to Advanced Level Study, 3rd edition
Sport Examined
Sports Injuries
Sports Sponsorship: Getting Your Share
Spotlight Science 7
Spotlight Science 7, Assessment Pack
Spotlight Science Pupil Book 7 -- Framework Edition
Spotlight Science Pupil Book 9 -- Framework Edition

Spotter's Diary

Spotter's Guide to Sound Government Policies

Spring Design and Manufacture

ST(P) Mathematics 2B

Stalin's Russia, 1924-53, 4th edition

Starting with Scripts
Statistical & Data Handling Skills in Biology, 3rd edition
Statistics (Complete Advanced Level Mathematics Series)

Statistics [Contains CD-ROM]

Statistics & Chemometrics for Analytical Chemistry, 6th edition

Statistics for Economics, Accounting & Business Studies, 6th edition

Statistics for Geography & Environmental Science

Statistics for Sports & Exercise Science

Statistics in Psychology

Statistics Without Maths for Psychology, 6th edition

Staying Safe Online

Steel Wheels: The Evolution of the Railways & How
They Excited Engineers, Architects, Artists & Writers

Stefano Arienti
Step-by-Step MGB Service Guide
Step-by-Step Service Guide to the Mini and Mini Cooper
Step-by-Step Service Guide to the VW Beetle
St Mark's Gospel and the Christian Faith: New Edition

St Marks Gospel and the Christian Faith Study Guide

Story of a Female Philosopher

Story of the Fly & How it Could Save The World

Storytelling in Therapy

Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Strategic Planning for School Improvement

Strategies in Learning & Using a Second Language, 2nd edition

Streetcar Named Desire

Stress-Busting for Teachers

Structural Mechanics, 6th edition

Structural Mechanics, 7th UK-Euro edition
Structure & Fabric, Part 1. 7th edition
Structure & Fabric, Part 2. 7th edition
Structure, Bonding & Main Group Chemistry, revised edition
Structure of Matter, Structure of Mind: Man’s Place in Nature, Reconsidered

Structured Schooling of Horses: Foundations of Success


Student Nurse: Health Promotion

Student Nurse: Infection Control

Student Nurse: Nutrition & Hydration

Student Protest: The Sixties

Study Skills Book, 3rd edition

Study Skills for Art, Design & Media Students

Study Skills for Part-Time Students

Study Skills: Maximize your time to pass exams
Studying Chaucer: Approaching Canterbury Tales
Studying History (Johnson)
Studying History, 3rd edition
Studying Poetry, Revised 2nd Ed.
Studying Psychology
Subaru Impreza Turbo


Such a Nuisance to Die

Sudan Journal of Ismay Thomas
Sudoku: The Essential Collection
Sugarcraft Cake Decorating
Sunday Flyer
Sundowners at Dawn: A Banker's Tale

Superbike - 2004: World Championship Official Book

Superbrands Annual 2015


Supporting Childen with Special Needs

Supreme Paradox

Survival of the Crown, Vol.II

Sustainability & Environmental Economics: An Alternative Text

Sweet Illustration

Systems & Control Technology, Revised Edition

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Tagli D'Artista

Tail Ends of the Fifties (Volume 3)

Tails of the Fifties (Volume 1)
Take Off
Taking Care of Behaviour: Practical Skills for Teachers
Taking Out the Violence:
Shedding Light on the Science & Soul of Human Behavior

Tale of a Maasai Girl

Tales of Love & War

Tale of Two Japans: Ten Years to Pearl Harbor

Talk French 2: Book & 2 CDs

Talk German 1. The Ideal Course for Absolute Beginners [Includes 2 Audio CDs]

Talk Italian 1: The Ideal Course for Absolute Beginners, 3rd edition (Includes 2 Audio CDs)

Talk Italian 2: Book & 2 CDs

Talk Portuguese, 3rd edition: The Ideal Course for Absolute Beginners

Talk Russian: The Ideal Course for Absolute Beginners,3rd edition [Includes 2 Audio CDs]

Talk Spanish 2 (Book/CD Pack)

Taming of the Shrew

Target Danube: A River Not Quite Too Far

Taste of Chocolate

Tasting & Grading Wine

Taxation, 14th edition

Teach Yourself Horse: Natural Horse Management

Teaching & Learning in Further and Adult Education

Teaching & Learning Pragmatics

Teaching & Researching Computer-Assisted Language Learning, 2nd edition

Teaching & Researching Language & Culture, 2nd edition

Teaching Children to ThinkTeaching Infants
Teaching Children to Think, 2nd Edition

Teaching Post-16 Psychology

Teaching Primary Art

Teaching Primary Drama

Teaching Primary Humanities

Teaching Primary Science

Teaching Secondary Biology, New Edition

Teaching Secondary Chemistry, New Edition

Teaching Secondary How Science Works

Teaching Secondary Physics

Teaching Today, 3rd edition

Telling Lives: From W.B. Yeats to Bruce Chatwin



Tempest Teacher's Guide
Nelson Thornes Shakespeare

Tempest: Shakespeare Made Easy

Ten Poems from Hafez

Tender Contempt: A Career in British Television

Terrestrial Biosphere: Environmental Change, Ecosystem Science, Attitudes & Values

Tess of the D'Urbervilles

Testament of Barabbas

Testing Embedded Software
Text Words: Representing Conceptual Space in Discourse
Textbook of Holistic Aromatherapy, 2nd Edition: Essential Oils for the Whole Person

Textiles Technology, Revised Edition

The 49ers

The 49ers II: The Rest of the Story

The Eyes Have It

The Lawyer Who Couldn't Sit Still

The Luck Habit

The Reward Society

Themes to Inspire 1

Themes to Inspire Vol. 2

Themes to Inspire 3

Theology of Paradox

Theory & Practice in Sociology

Theory of Criticism: From Plato to the Present

Theory of Hospitality & Catering , 13th edition

There Be Dragons. The Word: Volume One

They Started It! How to Help Your Kids Get Along Better

Think Right, Eat Right, Move Right

Think You Can Think?

Thinking About God and Morality: Study Guide for AQA GCSE Religious Studies B

Thinking Science, 3rd Edition - Booklet & CD ROM

Third Australian Team in England

This Functional Family

This is Citizenship 2: Pupil Book, 2nd ed.

Threads of Colour

Three Perspectives on Human Irrationality: The Book of Rules

Three-Phase Conversion

Three Sheets to the Wind

Through a Maze Blindfold: My Experience of Interstitial Cystitis

Through the Great Wall: A Western Acupuncture Doctor in the People's Republic of China

Tide 2000
Tiger Club, 2 Volume
Tiger Jungle: The Epic Tale of Bandhavgarh
Tigress & the Rose: Eleanor of Aquitaine & the Fair Rosamond
Time to Kill Sparrows

'Tis Pity She's a Whore: York Notes Advanced

Titani Preziosi: Precious Titanium

Titanic: Rose Walsh McLean's Story

Titanic: The Rescue Mission

To Kill a Mockingbird

Today is the Day You Change Your Life

Tomorrow's Geography for Edexcel GCSE Specification A, 4th edition
Tomorrow's Global Community:
How the Information Deluge is Transforming Business and Government

Tony Hudson's Images of Africa

Top Girls

Tool & Cutter Sharpening
Workshop Practice Series, no.38

Tools, Techniques & Assessment in Biology
Top 1000 Scientists

Top Ten Reasons to Leave the EU

Topography & the Environment

Tort Law, 4th edition, McBride & Bagshaw

Tort Law, 4th UK edition

Tort Law, 8th UK edition, Elliott & Quinn

Tourism: Rethinking the Social Science of Mobility

Tout Droit! A2

Tout droit! Student's Book

Tout Terrain

Tower, A Novel
Training to Teach in Further & Adult Education, 2nd ed.

Training to Teach In the Learning & Skills Sector
Transgenic Mammals
Transiti Mimmo Jodice
Transition Metals, Quantitative Kinetics & Applied Organic Chemistry, revised edition

Translation & Translating: Theory & Practice


Translations, 2nd Edition

Trap for an Innocent

Travelling Inside Out:
The Key to Low-Stress & High-Success Vacationing

Travelling with Children

Treasure Island: Drama Script, 2nd edition

Treaty of Union 1689-1740

Triennale Design Musuem

Tropical Environments
Troubleshoot Your Problems: How to Have the Life You Desire

Truth About Getting Things Done

Truth Spirituality and Contemporary Issues: Study Guide for AQA GCSE Religious Studies B

Turkish Phrase Book & Dictionary
Turn of the Screw

Twenties London

Twentieth-Century Britain: Economic, Social & Cultural Change

Twentieth Century Literary Criticism: A Reader

Two Doors to Immortality

Two on a Tower

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UAE Underwater Explorer, 2nd Edition

UK Government & Politics

UK Government & Politics, 3rd edition

UK Government & Politics Annual Survey 2010

Ultimate Computing Glossary

Ultimate Street Art

Uncharted Voyage
Uncle Magic
Uncovering Skills for Practice: Foundations in Nursing & Health care

Under the Hood: How Our Past Can Shape Our Future

Underneath the Underground: Mice Adventures Beneath London
Underneath the Underground: Mice Adventures Beneath London: Further Tales

Understanding & Doing Successful Research

Understanding & Teaching Primary Mathematics

Understanding Biology for Advanced Level, 3rd Edition

Understanding Body Language, revised edition

Understanding Business -- Statistics Made Easy

Understanding Challenging Behaviour in Inclusive Classrooms

Understanding Chemistry for Advanced Level, 3rd Edition

Understanding Child Development 0-8 Years, 4th edition

Understanding Child Psychology

Understanding Children's Challenging Behaviour
Understanding Children's Play
Understanding Computer Science for Advanced Level

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Understanding Forces: How Forces Work

Understanding Horses with Caddie
Understanding Immunology: Cell & Molecular Biology in Action Series
Understanding Industrial Practices in Food Technology, 2nd edition
Understanding Industrial Practices in Food Technology, 2nd edition Teacher's Manual
Understanding Industrial Practices in Textiles Technology
Understanding Information and Communication Technology

Understanding Information and Communication Technology for AS Level

Understanding Learning & Teaching in Secondary Schools

Understanding Maths, 2nd Revised Edition
Understanding Philosophy: Advanced Student Edition
Understanding Philosophy for AS Level AQA

Understanding Physics for Advanced Level, 3rd Edition

Understanding Stroke. New Revised Edition

Understanding the Market: An Introduction to Microeconomics, 3rd edition
Unification of Germany & The Challenge of Nationalism, 1789-1919. 4th edition [Access to History]
Unified Life Theory
Uniforms of the French Army 1660 to 1845

Unimat III Lathe Accessories

Unsual & Unique Hotels

Unique Lalique Mascots: Automotive Radiator Hood Ornaments

United States Civil War: Causes, Course & Effects, 1840-77

Unlocking Criminal Law, 3rd UK edition

Unlocking EU Law, 4th ed.

Unlocking Land Law, 3rd UK edition

Unlocking the English Legal System, 3rd edition

Unlocking Torts, 3rd UK edition

Unlocking Trusts, 3rd UK edition

Urban Eco Parks

Urban Fashion Flavor

Urban Identity

US Government & Politics

US Supreme Court: A2 Government & Politics

USA & Vietnam, 1945-1975, 3rd Edition [Access to History]

USA in Asia 1945-75

Useful Workshop Tools
User Interface Design: A Software Engineering Perspective

Using ICT in RE

Using Information Technology: Creating an Effective NVQ Portfolio

Using the Internet for the Over 50s

Using Your Digital SLR Camera

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Vaccination & Worming of Horses: What You Need to Know

Vampeire: The Debutante

Vauxhall Astra and Belmont
Vauxhall Cavalier
Vauxhall File: Model by Model, 2nd edition
Vauxhall Nova (including Opel Corsa)
Vera Volkova: A Biography

Verbal Reasoning, Workbook 8-10

Verbal Reasoning, Workbook 9-11

Verbal Reasoning, Workbook 10-12

Vertical Milling in the Home Workshop

Vertical Social Houses

Very Best of the Daily Telegraph Books of Obituaries
Very British Coop: Pigeon Racing in the UK
Vet Abroad

Vetri e Metalli: Marco Zanuso Jr

Vice Society

Victims & Victimology: Research, Policy & Practice
Victory in Europe? Britain & Germany Since 1945

Vietnam 1960-1975

View from the Bridge

View From the Shore: Recollections From an Author and Scientist

Vincenzo Maugeri: Metroversocromie

Visit of Mr. W. W. Read's 1891-92 English Cricket Team to South Africa

Visitor's Guide to the Falkland Islands, 2nd edition

Visual Basic 2005 for Students, 2nd edition

Viva la Gramatica!

Vivat Heathrow!
Vocational A-Level Construction & the Built Environment, 3rd ed.
Vocational Business: Business and the European Union
Vocational Business Financial Accounting
Vocational Business Market Research
Vocational Business Training Developing and Motivating People
Vodka on Ice: A Year with the Russians in Antarctica
Voices From the Past: From German Jew to British Patriot
Voilá! Student Book 1
Voila! Student's Book 2. Higher Grade French

Voila! Student's Book 2. Lower Grade French

Voila! Student's Book 3. Higher Grade French

Voila! Student's Book 3. Lower Grade French

Voilá! Teacher's Book 1
Voila! Teacher's Book 2. Higher Grade French

Voila! Teacher's Book 2. Lower Grade French

Voila! Teacher's Book 3. Higher Grade French

Voila! Teacher's Book 3. Lower Grade French

Volkswagen Golf and Jetta
Votes for Women, 3rd Edition [Access to History]

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W. Shakespeare Gent

Wales Grand Slam 2005

Walking My Patch

Walls: Israel & Palestine

Walmsley's Commerical Typewriting with Text Processing, 11th Edition

Walrus Said: A Long Silence is Broken

War & Peace: International Relations 1890-1945, 4th Edition

War & the Transformation of British Society 1903-1928

War & the Transformation of British Society 1931-1951

War of the Worlds

War Poets: The Secrets of Poems From the Great War
Wargaming World War Two

The Warm Arctic

Wars of the Roses

Wars of the Roses & Henry VII: Britain 1450-1509

Warships and Warship Modelling

Water Pack!

Water Under the Keel

Waves & Our Universe, revised edition
Way It Was: A Jew's Struggle Through Two World Wars

Ways of the Wild

Weather & Hazards

Web Design, 2nd edition

Webs of Influence

Welfare Rights & Social Policy

Well-Connected Gardener

West African Worlds: Paths Through Socio-Economic Change, Livelihoods & Development

Western Europe: Economic & Social Change Since 1945

Western Riding: Tips for Beginners

Whales & Dolphins of the European Atlantic

What a Bloody Arrival: A Wartime Story of Survival

What is Italian Design?

What is Waste? 15 Volume Set

What the Romans Did for Us, 2nd Edition

What to Eat When You're Pregnant & Vegetarian

What's in the Queen's Handbag?

When Pathways Cross

Whisky & Food

White Horses: A Collection of Poems

White Identities: An Historical & International Introduction

Who Works in Formula One 2004
Who Works in Foruma One 2006
Who Works in MotoGP 2004
Who Works in Motorsports 2006

Whose Life Is It Anyway? (York Notes)

Wife of Bath's Prologue & Tale

Wife of Bath's Tale

Wild Flowers & Scenery of Mallorca

Wild London: The Nature of a Capital

Wilde Style: The Plays & Prose of Oscar Wilde

Wildlife of Seychelles

William Blake: Selected Poems & Prose

Wimbledon: The Championships Official Annual 2005

Windows 7 for the Over 50's

Windows 8

Windows 8 for the Over 50's

Winemaking with Concentrates
Winning Edge: Outstanding Athletic Interviews

Winter's Tale

Winter's Tale

Wise Children (York Notes)

Wish I May

Witchcraze of the 16th & 17th Centuries

With the Bookplate of A. E. Winder

Woman in Black

Woman of Design, A Man of Passion: The Pioneering McIans
Woman of No Importance: York Notes Advanced
Woman's Survival
Women & Ageing in British Society Since 1500
Women & Dramatic Production 1550-1700

Women in British Public Life, 1914-50

Women of Consequence

Women, Rights & Society

Women's Guide to Saving the World
Wood Machine Guide

Word 2010

Woodworker Book of Joinery
Words & Their Meaning
Workholding in the Lathe
Working Alongside People with Long Term Mental Health Problems

Working With German Level 1, New Edition
Working With Spanish Level 1, New Edition
Working with the Mentally Disordered Offender in the Community

Working With Your Foreign Language Assistant Handbooks for Language Teachers, Vol. 9
Working With Your Student Teacher Handbooks For Language Teachers: Concepts 5
Workshop Construction
Workshop Drawing: Workshop Practice Series, No. 13

Worshop Electrics, revised edition

Workshop Machinery

Workshop Materials
World Astrology:
The Astrologer's Quest to Understand the Human Character

World History of Long Distance Running: 1880-2002. Track Events: Men & Women

World of Sport Examined, 2nd Edition

World of Words

World Savannas: Ecology & Human Use
World Ski & Wintersports Guide 2005
World Snowboard Guide 2006
World's Wife: York Notes Advanced

Wort fur Wort, 5th edition

Wrath of Achilles
Write First 1. Student's Book
Write First 1. Teacher's Resource
Write First 2. Student's book
Write First 2. Teacher's Resource
Write First 3. Student's Book
Write First 3. Teacher's Resource.
Writing 'How-To" Articles & Books
Writing Law Dissertations: An Introduction & Guide to the Conduct of Legal Research
Writing TV Scripts: Successful Writing in 10 Weeks

Writing Your Master's Thesis

Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights
Philip Allan Literature Guide for A- Level

Wuthering Heights

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Yank in the Village

Years of Russia, the USSR & the Collapse of Soviet Communism, 2nd edition

Yes / No Book

You Can Be Happy

You Should Have Been In Last Night

Young Person's Guide to the Gothic

Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud

Your Education Project Handbook

Your First Foal: Horse Breeding for Beginners
Your Future Looks Bright
Your Masters Thesis: How to Plan, Draft, Write & Revise

Your PhD Thesis: How to Plan, Draft, Revise and Edit Your Thesis

Your Psychology Project Handbook, 2nd edition

Your Teacher Training Handbook

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Zen or the Flower of Buddhism