Psychology AS for OCR

By Louise Ellerby-Jones & Karon Oliver
October 2011
Hodder Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781444123388
314 pages, Illustrated
$57.50 Paper original

Every Core Study for OCR AS presented by subject and specification experts.

Each study is broken up into a core summary, supplementary background information, and commentaries to help you apply approaches, perspectives, issues and methods - all areas that are examined at AS.

A comprehensive section on exam preparation gives you the tips you need to tackle the Core Studies paper and guides you towards better exam grades with confidence.

Inside these colourfully designed pages you'll find features that help you:

- Understand the basic methods and findings of each Core Study
- Build up the background knowledge you need for good grades
- Explain how to link to approaches, perspectives, issues and methods
- Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches.

Throughout the book there are links to a separately available OCR Research Methods for Psychology AS & A2, containing extra support and detail for the Psychological Investigations AS paper.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 Introduction to Psychology
Chapter 2 Social Psychology
Milgram study on obedience
Piliavin et al. Subway Samaritan
Reicher and Haslam BBC prison study
Chapter 3 Cognitive Psychology
Loftus and Palmer study: Eyewitness testimony
Baron-Cohen et al. study: Adults with autism and theory of mind
Savage-Rumbaugh et al. study: Ape language
Chapter 4 Developmental Psychology
Samuel and Bryant study: Conservation
Bandura et al. study: Imitating aggression
The Freud study: Little Hans
Chapter 5 Physiological Psychology
The physiology of the nervous system
Maguire et al. study: Taxi drivers' brains
Dement and Kleitman study: REM sleep and dreaming
Sperry study: Split brains
Chapter 6 The Psychology of Individual Differences
Rosenhan study: On being sane in insane places
Thigpen and Cleckley study: The three faces of Eve (multiple personality disorder)
Griffiths study: Cognitive bias in gamblers
Chapter 7 Approaches and Perspectives and Section C of the Core Studies Exam
Approaches in psychology
Perspectives in psychology
Chapter 8 Psychological Investigations: Research Methods in Psychology
Experiments (the experimental method)
Chapter 9 Preparing for the Core Studies Examination
What you need to know about the core studies
Doing the core studies examination


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