Fluid Mechanics, 6th edition

By John F. Douglas, et al.
August 2011
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273717720
1012 pages
$127.50 Paper Original

The sixth edition of this established, popular textbook provides an excellent and comprehensive treatment of fluid mechanics that is concisely written and supported by numerous worked examples.

This revision of a classic text presents relevant material for mechanical and civil engineers, as well as energy and environmental services engineers. It recognises the evolution of the subject and provides thorough coverage of both established theory and emerging topics.

Fluid Mechanicsis ideal for use throughout a first degree course in all engineering disciplines where a good understanding of the subject is required.

New sections on rotodynamic machine interaction, contaminant concentration prediction and water reuse responses to the drought consequences of climate change.

Extended website includes enhanced and additional simulations.


Preface to the Sixth Edition
Previous Edition Prefaces
List of Computer Programs
List of Symbols

Part I Elements of Fluid Mechanics
Chapter 1 Fluids and their Properties
Chapter 2 Pressure and Head
Chapter 3 Static Forces on Surfaces. Buoyancy

Part II Concepts of Fluid Flow
Chapter 4 Motion of Fluid Particles and Streams
Chapter 5 The Momentum Equation and its Applications
Chapter 6 The Energy Equation and its Applications
Chapter 7 Two-dimensional Ideal Flow

Part III Dimensional Analysis and Similarity
Chapter 8 Dimensional Analysis
Chapter 9 Similarity

Part IV Behaviour of Real Fluids
Chapter 10 Laminar and Turbulent Flows in Bounded Systems
Chapter 11 Boundary Layer
Chapter 12 Incompressible Flow around a Body
Chapter 13 Compressible flow around a Body

Part V Steady Flow in Pipes, Ducts and Open Channels
Chapter 14 Steady Incompressible Flow in Pipe and Duct Systems
Chapter 15 Uniform Flow in Open Channels
Chapter 16 Non-uniform Flow in Open Channels
Chapter 17 Compressible Flow in Pipes

Part VI Fluid Mechanics for Environmental Change
Chapter 18 Environmental Change and Renewable Energy Technologies
Chapter 19 Environmental Change and Rainfall Runoff Flow Modelling

Part VII Unsteady Flow in Bounded Systems

Chapter 20 Pressure Transient Theory and Surge Control
Chapter 21 Simulation of Unsteady Flow Phenomena in Pipe, Channel and Duct Systems

Part VIII Fluid Machinery. Theory, Performance and Application
Chapter 22 Theory of Rotodynamic Machines
Chapter 23 Performance of Rotodynamic Machines
Chapter 24 Positive Displacement Machines
Chapter 25 Machine-Network Interactions

Appendix 1 Some Properties of Common Fluids
Appendix 2 Values of Drag Coefficient C for Various Body Shapes


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