Remodelling Schools Manual
Workforce Reform

By Sonia Blanford
January 2006
Pearson Education
ISBN: 1405822023
270 pages, Illustrated
$225.00 Paper Original

This manual will provide you with detailed guidance and advice enabling you to successfully implement, develop and evaluate workforce reform.
The manual is both a guide and resource, providing you with solutions to real problems. Definitions and descriptions of new initiatives and government legislation will also keep you completely up-to-date.


Section One: Workforce Reform: Policy and Practice
This section will focus on policies that underpin practice in schools
Chapter One: The Remodelled Workforce
Chapter Two: A Community of Learners
Chapter Three: A Policy for Learning
Chapter Four: Learning Networks

Section Two Managing the wider workforce
This section will contain sound practical advice for teachers and the wider workforce. Set within the current educational environment the section will focus on areas central to good practice in schools and colleges.
Chapter Five: Management Teams
Chapter Six: Planning, monitoring and review
Chapter Seven: Managing Change
Chapter Eight: Professional Development

Section Three: Resources
This section will encompass aspects of resource management necessary for management of the wider workforce:
Chapter Nine: Financial management
Chapter Ten: Recruitment and Selection
Chapter Eleven: Training and Development Programs
Chapter Twelve: Where Next?

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