The Lawyer Who Couldn't Sit Still

By Michael Simmons
March 2012
Book Guild
ISBN: 9781846246302
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
156 pages
$34.95 Hardcover

In this absorbing and succinctly written biography, Michael Simmons takes us on a journey through his long and colourful legal career, spanning some 50 years and almost as many countries. From his early years practising in the City of London to his travels for business, pleasure and often both to Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America, The Lawyer Who Couldn’t Sit Still is packed with humour, wit and deep insight into the ways and wiles of the legal profession, which inevitably holds a mirror up to human nature itself. Whether you are a lawyer, incurable traveller, both or neither, the author’s breezy style and gift for conjuring up far-away sights, sounds and cultures make this book a true delight from start to finish.


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