Introduction to Research Methods & Statistics in Psychology, 2nd edition
A Practical Guide for the Undergraduate Researcher

By Ronald A. McQueen & Christina Knussen
June 2013
Pearson Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications 
ISBN: 9780273735069
550 Pages, Illustrated
$92.50 Paper original

This second edition has been substantially revised and expanded to form a truly comprehensive, practical guide to research methods and statistical analysis.

The text retains the successful student-centred approach, assuming no background knowledge. Logically and intuitively organised, the book introduces key terms and concepts, progressing through the process of selecting a study and analysing results right through to the final point of preparing a report.

This edition has been extensively revised to offer more detailed coverage - including more depth on topics such as power, meta-analysis, ethics, the literature review, questionnaire design, small sample research, and graphing techniques. Coverage of qualitative methods has been expanded to include more on software tools and IPA.

The book offers a range of support focused on essential concepts, practicalities, and a new feature to highlight important research from the scientific literature. The examples have been increased and updated to help clarify concepts and further support the reader in developing both a conceptual and practical understanding of research and analysis.



1. Introducing research

2. The nature of research design

3. Experimental research designs

4. Correlational and regression designs

5. The essentials of carrying out research - the participants

6. Ethics and research

7. Using questionnaires in research

8. Tables, figures snd descriptive statistics

9. Introducing SPSS

10. Introducing inferential statistics and tests of differences

11. Tests of association

12. Advanced analysis

13. Introducing qualitative research

14. Writing up your research


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