Hard-Pressed Researcher, 2nd edition
A Research Handbook for the Caring Professions

By Anne Edwards & Robin Talbot
April 1999
Pearson Education
ISBN: 058236972X
232 pages
$77.50 Hardcover

Working in the fields of education, health and social care demands a great deal of energy, effort and commitment on the part of the practitioner or trainee. When a research project is added to a workload the pressures can be great, particularly if the would-be-researcher is not confident about the process involved. The Hard-pressed Researcher provides practical guidance on how to undertake a research project.

It has been written specially for practitioners and students in the fields of education, health and social care and assumes no specific knowledge of the research process. This revised and updated version of the first edition covers the major modes of research (experimental research, survey work, case study, interpretative research and action research) and provides step-by-step guidance from conceptualization through to report writing.

Each chapter provides sources for further reading and the book ends with a series of statistical tables. All those studying or working in the caring professions will welcome the very straightforward and sympathetic approach of the authors, both of whom have considerable experience in the supervision of research work.

Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1. Finding Direction 2. Making Notes and Using a Library 3. Designing a Study 4. Action Research 5. Selecting the Method 6. Analysis and Interpretation of Data 7. Writing Up 8. Glossary 9. Bibliography. Appendices. Index.

Features " Greater emphasis on relationship between research and practice. " New material on focus groups. " Expansion of discussion of case studies. " More coverage of research ethics.

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