Brilliant Subject Leader

By Marc Bowen
May 2011
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273732488
250 pages
$42 .50 paper original

What does it really take to become a brilliant teacher?

If subject leadership is the next step in your teaching career, look no further than Brilliant Subject Leader. From auditing your subject and curriculum planning to using pupil feedback to improve the teaching of your subject and preparing for an OFSTED inspection, Mark Bowen will equip you with innovative and inspiring ways of leading your subject and reach the next step in your teaching career.


· Quickly develop a view of your subject’s current strengths

· Prioritise the most significant next steps

· Strategically plan how to effectively reach your goals


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Chapter 1: Why become a subject leader?

Chapter 2: Auditing your subject

Chapter 3: Curriculum planning

Chapter 4: Lesson observation

Chapter 5: Pupil voice

Chapter 6: Pupil tracking and data analysis

Chapter 7: Strategic planning for improvement

Chapter 8: Supporting and developing others

Chapter 9: ICT across the curriculum

Chapter 10: Community cohesion

Chapter 11: Preparing for an OFSTED inspection

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