Raising Chickens for Eggs & Meat

By Mike Woolnough
April 2009
Good Life Press Ltd
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781904871422
168 Pages, Illustrated
$24.95 Paper Original

"Raising Chickens" covers all aspects of looking after chickens, from the joys of seeing the first chicks hatch, to finally seeing them safely and humanely dispatched. It intentionally avoids the rose tinted image of keeping chickens and tells it 'how it is.'Whether the chickens are just to provide breakfast eggs, fresh from the nest box, or to provide a most succulent and tasty roast chicken dinner, made all the more enjoyable because the bird had a good life, this realistic and honest no-nonsense guide will help readers to achieve both. You can enjoy eggs both fresher and tastier than any that can be bought in the supermarket, and truly free-range table birds to feed the family.

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