Espanol Mundial 1, 3rd edition

By Sol Garson, et al.
September 2004
Hodder Education
ISBN: 9780340859056
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
190 pages, Illustrated
$49.50 Paper original

Español Mundial Third Edition is an exciting new update of the popular two-part Spanish course. This full colour version prepares students ab initio to GCSE and Standard Grade examination level. The course takes full account of National Curriculum requirements and other recent developments in language teaching and provides lively and up-to-date materials for use over two or three years.

Español Mundial 1 establishes a solid base with careful exploitation of narrative and dialogue helping students of all abilities to understand and produce authentic Spanish with confidence and accuracy.

The pupil's book is accompanied by a workbook, cassette and photocopiable teacher's book containing tape transcripts, answers to all exercises and suggestions for teachers on the exploitation of photographs and realia in the classroom.

Table of Contents:
Mi familia, mis amigos y yo
Alphabet, numbers 1-199, greetings, months, dates, days of week, birthdays, questions and negatives
Mi colegio y mi casa
School subjects, times of day, timetable, likes and dislikes, houses and rooms, accommodation, ordinals 1-10
Pueblos y ciudades
Going out in town, getting around, places to go for sport and leisure, where you live
De día en día
Daily routine, hobbies and meals
Holidays, tourist outings and trips, the geography of Spain, weather, directions, finding your way, hotel accommodation
La gente que conozco
People’s personalities and appearance, nationalities, going out for meals with friends
Comidas y compras
Shopping, likes and dislikes: food and drink, typical Spanish foods and meals, recipes, celebrations, clothes, sizes and prices
La salud
Healthy living, healthy eating, ailments, going to the doctor/dentist/pharmacist
Diversiones y deportes
Films, concerts, entertainments, sports, outings
Pasándolo bien y el mundo hispánico
Contact with friends in Spanish-speaking countries, invitations, making friends abroad, jobs
Los medios de comunicación, mi futuro
TV, newspapers, advertising, working with Internet, job plans
El medioambiente
Environmental issues and awareness in cities, in smaller towns, when travelling, at home, at leisure and on holiday
Grammar reference section
Classroom vocabulary
Spanish-English vocabulary




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