Handbook of Educational
Leadership & Management

Edited By Brent Davies & John West-Burnham
December 2003
Longman / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0273656686
737 pages, 6 " x 9 "
$139.50 Hardcover


The Handbook of Educational Leadership and Management is your ultimate guide for leading and managing your school into the 21st Century. It presents current and future thinking in the area of education management and leadership and provides you with a benchmark for understanding the latest thinking and best practice.

The 'Handbook of Educational Leadership Management' represents a useful synthesis of current and future thinking in the area and provides a benchmark for our understanding of the latest thinking and best practice of educational leadership and management.

1. Leadership Professor John West Burnham University of Hull
2. Leadership & Management Process Professor Brent Davies University of Hull
3. The Changing Nature of School Leadership & Management and its Policy Content Professor Mike Bottery University of Hull
4. Leadership, Governance & the Community Dr Janet Ouston University of Leicester
5. The Business of Education- The emerging private/public agenda Professor Guilbert Hentschke University of Southern California
6. Learning, Teaching & the Curriculum Professor Barbara MacGilchrist University of London Institute of Education
7. Achieving & Sustaining Change in Schools Professor Andy Hargreaves, University of Toronto & Dr Dean Fink
8. School Improvement & Effectiveness Professor David Hopkins, University of Nottingham & Dr Alma Harris University of Warwick
9. The Teacher Career Cycle/Staff Management Dame Patricia Collarbone London Leadership Centre
10. The School for the Future Professor Brian Caldwell The University of Melbourne

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