Educational Leadership & the Community
Strategies for School Improvement through Community Engagement
School Leadership & Management

Edited By Tony Gelsthorpe & John West-Burnham
Financial Times / Pearson Education
September 2003
ISBN: 0-273-66164-7
247 Pages, 6 1/4" x 9 1/4"
$49.50 Paper Original


Evidence has suggested that school improvement can be achieved if a school has a commitment to its community. By developing a deep and mutual relationship with people and organizations in the local community, a school gains not only information, knowledge and support but a sense of moral purpose. This book has been written in conjunction with the Community Education Development Centre (CEDC) and offers different approaches to educational leadership which are focused on community engagement and social regeneration. This practical book offers a re-consolidation of the principles and purposes of school's role in community education and leadership. This invaluable book will be welcomed by all head teachers, deputy head teachers, middle managers and students on education management courses.

Contents include: Engaging Communities and Schools, Schools and the Community, Managing a Community Primary School, John Kitto Community College, Lifelong Learning without Frontiers, Schools and their Communities in Northern Ireland, Social Inclusion at the Royal Docks Community School, Family Learning, New Community Schools in Scotland, Open Schools in Sweden, Schools and Community Education: An Integrated Concept, South Africa: Educational Leadership and the Community, Outgrowing Our Social Uniform: Reconceptualizing the Health and Education Interface, Educational Leadership and the Community: Principle and Practice in Australia, Extended Schools: the Dream of the Future?, King Alfred's Learning Village: A New Learning Solution for Oxfordshire, If You Were Starting Again, Would You Start From Here?

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