Brilliant Mac Basics: Mac OS X Lion Edition, 2nd edition

By Joli Ballew
March 2012
Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780273765073
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
228 pages, Illustrated
$52.50 Paper Original

1. Know your mac

Mac models and specifications

Find your Mac model

Know the technical specifications

Mac OS X editions

Upgrade your Mac edition

Update your Mac’s OS

2. Explore your Mac’s graphical user interface

Use the Finder

Know what’s available in the Finder

Personalise the Finder

Work in open windows

Explore the menu bar

Spotlight Search

Use the Dock

Use the Dashboard and configure widgets

Use Lion’s Mission Control

Explore apps with Lion’s Launchpad

Use multi-touch gestures with a trackpad

With gestures, explore multiple desktops

3. Customise your Mac

Explore the System Preferences pane

Change your desktop picture

Apply a screen saver and configure Hot Corners

Change your login picture

Personalise the menu bar

Change the size of the Dock

Explore Dock stacks

Explore additional System Preferences

4. Files, folders and managing your data

Learn file and folder basics

Explore your Home folder

Create an alias for a folder

Save a file to a folder

Open files and set file associations

Find data with Spotlight Search

Manipulate files and folders

Save, back up and recover files and folders

Use Lion's new Auto Save feature

Back up data with Time Machine

5. Use built-in applications, utilities and apps from the App Store

Explore Applications

Explore Utilities

Explore the App Store

Locate and use apps

6. Use Safari, Mail, iCal and Address Book

Surf the Web with Safari

Download and install a program

Create bookmarks and bookmark folders

Configure and use tabbed browsing

Use Safari Reader

Set up Mail

Use Mail

Customise Mail

Explore more Lion-only Mail features

Explore iCal

Explore Address Book

7. Network and sharing

Connect to another device

Connect to a network

Working with Microsoft Windows

Share folders, drives and printers

Access a Mac’s shared folders from a Windows computer

Share a printer

8. Manage media with iTunes

Explore the iTunes interface

Build and share your iTunes library

Burn a CD

Create a smart playlist

Use the Mini Player

Explore the iTunes Store

Purchase media from the iTunes Store

Listen to the radio, podcasts and iTunes U

9. Photos, videos and webcams

Open and populate iPhoto with Pictures

Import photos already on your Mac

Import photos (and videos) from a camera or similar device

Copy pictures and videos from a networked computer

Explore options for scanning pictures

Explore the iPhoto interface

Edit photos

Share photos

Slide shows


View videos

Set up and use iChat

Set up and use FaceTime

10. iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand and iWeb

Create a movie with iMovie

Get to know iMovie

Burn DVDs with iDVD

Explore iDVD

Explore GarageBand

Mix your music

Share your music

Create a web page with iWeb

Upload options

Where to go from here

11. Maintenance, security and troubleshooting

Get software updates

Install an anti-virus program

Explore security options

Protect your computer with passwords

Set energy-saving options

Explore troubleshooting options

Reinstall Lion

Jargon buster

Troubleshooting guide


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