Speaking Better French: Achieving
Fluency with Everyday Expressions
2nd Edition
Studymates Series

By Monique Jackman
August 2000
Studymates Ltd.
ISBN: 1-84025-020-2
136 pages, 5 " x 8 "
$31.95 paperback


As with English, the French language includes lots of words and phrases which seem to mean the same thing, but which actually have a different meaning. For example, 'to know' can be connaitre (to know someone) or savoir (to know something). The student who learns such distinctions will soon progress to fluency.

Intended for students with some basic knowledge of French this book will rapidly improve their effectiveness and fluency, by learning and practising these different forms in every situations. The book is complete with a glossary, useful addresses, websites for students of French, further reading, and index.

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