Writing TV Scripts
Successful Writing in 10 Weeks
In-Focus - A Studymates Series

By Steve Wetton
Studymates Limited
April 2005
ISBN: 1842850717
160 Pages, 6 " x 9 "
$29.50 Paper Original

This book was written by professional screenwriter Steve Wetton - creator of 'Growing Pains' - this book draws on insider tips and techniques to hone your writing skills to a new level. Drawing on examples on well-known sit-coms, dramas and soaps - from Faulty Towers to The Office to Friends - the book guides the aspiring screenwriter through all the stages of planning to borrowing techniques to make your script stand out to discussing the logistics of formatting and submitting scripts. He shares his experience of taking projects to pilot stage, only to have hopes dashed, and helps you learn from his mistakes. Creative writing students, established TV writers and novice writers alike will benefit from this book.

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