Carnivorous Plants

By Adrian Slack
Photographed by Jane Gate
December 2000
Marston House
ISBN: 1-899296-13-1
240 pages, illustrated
$59.50 paperback


Far from being fantasy, these extraordinary organisms are fact, and this book explains the astonishingly subtle manner in which each entices, catches and digests its prey.

Acknowledgements. List of Colour Plates. Preface. The Carnivorous Plants: An Introduction. The Pitcher Plants of Continental America. The Tropical Pitcher Plant: Nepenthes. The West Australian Pitcher plant: Cephalotus. Genlisea. The Passive Flypapers. The Active Flypapers. The Spring Traps. The Bladder Traps. How to grow Carnivorous Plants. Cultivation out of doors. 3 appendices. Bibliography and references. List of suppliers. Glossary. Index. Includes many color plates and black & white photographs and illustrations.

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