Europe in the Central Middle Ages, 962-1154,
3rd edition

By Christopher Brooke
January 2000
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582369045
488 pages
$67.50 Paper Original

This wide-ranging introduction to medieval Europe has been updated and revised. In his popular survey Brooke explores the variety of human experience in the period. He looks at society, economy, religious life and popular religion, learning, culture, as well as political events; the rise of the Normans and the heyday of the medieval Empire. For the new edition there is increased coverage of the role of women and more attention to central Europe, Bohemia, Hungary and Poland.

List of genealogical charts. List of maps. Preface. Abbreviations 1. Introduction. 2. Sources. 3. The shape of Europe. 4. Economic life. 5. Society. 6. The role of women. 7. Marriage. 8. Cities and towns. 9.Travel. 10. Kingship and government. 11. The Empire, 962-1056.12. From the Salians to the Hohenstaufen. 13. The kingdom of the French. 14. Britain and the Vikings, 959-1035.15. The Normans. 16. The crusades, Byzantium and Spain. 17. Monasticism and papal reform. 18. The papal conflicts. 19. The new monastic orders. 20. Schools and scholarship. 21. Popular religion. 22. Epilogue. Appendix. Bibliography. Genealogical charts. Maps. Index

Review '…colorful descriptions, vivid anecdotes, and vigorous narrative...characterize the whole of this learned and humane portrait of an era'
Bruce L. Venarde, University of Pittsburgh, H-Net Reviews

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