Model Rocketry Handbook
21st Century Edition

By Stuart Lodge
December 2004
S.I. Model Books Ltd.
ISBN: 1854862294
144 pages, Illustrated, 5 " x 8 "
$27.50 Paper Original

For sheer excitement, the launch of a model rocket takes a lot of beating. The tension of the countdown, ignition, a blast of flame and smoke and your creation boosts skywards. The spectacle of a detailed scale rocket hurtling skywards then either drifting down on a recovery parachute, or a high-performance boost glider circling in a thermal current immediately brings to mind thoughts of interplanetary travel and the infinity of space.

Author Stuart Lodge has experienced all forms of model rocketry and built up a depth of experience of the science and practice of this futuristic hobby. This book describes the physics and chemistry for those who want to explore the hobby in-depth but also enables the newcomer to model rocketry and gain the knowledge to safely enjoy it. The whole spectrum of the hobby is covered including history, scale and functional model construction, propellants, stability, recovery and ground support systems plus much more.

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