Parola per Parola, 2nd edition
New Advanced Italian Vocabulary

By Tony Giovanazzi
July 2010
Hodder Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781444110029
133 pages
$19.95 Paper Original

Brand new edition of our hugely popular vocabulary book for advanced learners of Italian language and culture. Organised by topic, the words and phrases are presented in clear, manageable sections to support students studying advanced level languages.

New features:
- New entries for technology topics and updates with the latest words, phrases and idioms, such as 'swine flu' and 'credit crunch'
- All topics covered are matched to the latest exam specifications
- Updated lists of current web addresses to ensure students have the latest information at their fingertips
- Lists of synonyms have been included to increase students’ repertoire.

Key features:
- Comprehensive coverage of key vocabulary
- Words and phrases in thematic sections – including Everyday life, Health, Sport, Education, and many more
- Vocabulary organised in a clear, easy-to-use structure, with clear distinction between levels of difficulty from AS to A2 level.

  • Entirely revised in line with the latest A Level specifications so you can be sure it covers the vocabulary you need
  • Vocabulary is based around specification topics to help you apply this vocabulary in written and oral exams
  • Author is an experienced examiner and teacher who knows what is required for examination success
  • Up-to-date vocabulary and idioms are included - for example phrases concerning the latest developments in communications and technology

Table of Contents:
Come dire?
I rapporti umani
Cibo, Dieta, Salute
Tempo libero
Trasporti, Viaggi, Turismo
La scuola
Il mondo del lavoro
Tradizioni e costumi
Il contesto internazionale
I media
Detti e proverbi
Falsi amici
SMS Italiano
L'uso del congiuntivo
Verbi con preposizioni

About the Author(s):
Tony Giovanazzi was formerly Chief HMI for Modern Languages in Scotland and is well-known nationally and internationally for his involvement in curriculum and examinations in school and adult education.

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