Religious Studies for Common Entrance, 2nd edition

By Susan Grenfell
April 2011
Hodder Education
ISBN: 9781444124255
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
164 pages, Illustrated
$42.50 Paper original

The second edition of the best-selling Religious Studies for Common Entrance is the authoritative textbook to prepare pupils for the compulsory sections of the Independent Schools Examination Board's (ISEB) Common Entrance Religious Studies examination.

Updated and revised to reflect the new syllabus, this book covers all the nominated Old Testament and New Testament texts through an investigative approach, providing active learning for the classroom as well as tasks for independent study and revision.

For both the Old and New Testament texts, Religious Studies for Common Entrance provides three components:

  • Encounter: dynamic encounter with the Bible text itself, using a range of techniques including dramatic readings, story strips, and re-tellings.
  • Understand: clear explanation of the background to the text and the key ideas and concepts underlying it, leading to engaging tasks to deepen understanding.
  • Apply: connecting these ideas to contemporary moral and social issues. These range from the personal, such as how to deal with anger or resentment, to the global, such as the imperative to care for the environment.

    Digging Deeper tasks are more challenging. Section 3 of the book, 'People and issues', profiles significant individual Christians such as Jackie Pullinger, Mother Teresa, and newly added, the work of A Rocha and Help for Heroes

    This Pupil's Book is fully supported by a comprehensive Teacher's Resource Book, which helps pupils to develop revision, examination and transferable study skills and includes additional tasks specific to Scholarship candidates.

  • Table of Contents:
    SECTION 1 The Old Testament
    Introduction to the Bible
    Unit 1 The Creation
    Unit 2 The nature of humanity and the Fall
    Unit 3 Cain and Abel
    Unit 4 The near sacrifice of Isaac
    Unit 5 Moses and the burning bush
    Unit 6 Exodus and the Passover
    Unit 7 Moses and the Ten Commandments
    Unit 8 David and Bathsheba
    Unit 9 Solomon's wisdom
    Unit 10 Elijah and the prophets of Baal
    Unit 11 Isaiah the prophet
    SECTION 2 The New Testament
    Introduction to the New Testament
    Unit 12 The birth of Jesus
    Unit 13 The temptations of Jesus
    Unit 14 Jesus and the outcasts
    Unit 15 Being a follower of Jesus
    Unit 16 Miracles
    Unit 17 Who was Jesus?
    Unit 18 The parables of Jesus
    Unit 19 The sentence, crucifixion and burial of Jesus
    Unit 20 The Resurrection
    SECTION 3 People and issues
    Unit 21 Mother Teresa: serving the poor in Calcutta
    Unit 22 Jackie Pullinger's work among the outcasts in Hong Kong
    Unit 23 Dame Cicely Saunders and the hospice movement
    Unit 24 Meg Guillebaud: towards reconciliation in Rwanda
    Unit 25 The work of A Rocha
    Unit 26 Pacifism and non-violent protest
    Unit 27 Help for Heroes
    Answering a Common Entrance paper



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