Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

By Moira Sheehan
December 1994
ISBN: 0-17-448207-8
232 pages, Illustrated, 8 1/2 x 10 7/8"
$45.50 Paper Original


This book provides a comprehensive guide to these new areas of biology. Developments here are fast, and this book offers an authoritative summary of the chemistry of biological molecules, protein chemistry, the functioning of nucleic acids, and recent advances in analytical techniques from a teacher and former research worker in the field. The book covers the option syllabuses of the NEAB and the Cambridge Modular Science biochemistry option. A range of questions, exercises and tutorials on points of interest help make this book truly interactive. The book's main features include: accessibility to a broad range of 16-19 students, clear organization of text into main themes, clear learning objectives, extensive and appropriate examination questions, abundant and full color illustration and photography.

Bath Advanced Science

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