Creating an Outstanding College

By O'Connell, Bernard
December 2005
Nelson Thornes, UK
ISBN: 0748796037
$67.50 Paper Original

This new book has been written following the experiences of one college and it's transformation process. Using the example of Runshaw College's development, this book illustrates how to create a truly outstanding college. It offers active tools, approaches and methodologies that can support leaders as they endeavour to do the same.

It is a geneuinely fascinating journey filled with the experiences and perspectives of everyone that helped change and transform the college. It explores both the joy and the inevitable pain involved with this process and will be an inspiration for anyone considering making changes to their college.

This work explores how people should behave, how management teams should implement collective responsibility, and how informal and formal communications, consultations and recognition systems should motivate people. How did a relatively small Sixth Form College in the "middle of nowhere" achieve such success? Is there an approach that can be transferred elsewhere to achieve similar success? What is the "Runshaw Way" and can it become the "way" for other colleges? This book answers these questions.

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