Mental Health Nursing
Carving a Path to Practice

Edited by Paul Illingworth & Laura Singleton
May 2010
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273721000

166 pages
$49.50 Paper original

Are you wondering if a career in Mental Health Nursing is right for you? If you are considering studying Mental Health Nursing or have already begun your course this book is the perfect tool to see if you have what it takes to be a Mental Health Nurse.

It will tell you what to expect in your studies and address the ups and the downs of becoming a Mental Health nurse.  It contains personal anecdotes from students who have already completed their course and advice from Mental Health lecturers on how to get the most out of your studies. This book will guide you through your course from beginning to end and prepare you for your future career.


Surviving your Mental Health Branch

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1 … Introduction

Chapter 2 … Routes to becoming a mental health nurse

Chapter 3 … Passage through the Common Foundation Programme

Chapter 4 … Journey through the Mental Health Branch

Chapter 5 … Inter-Professional Education, Learning and Working

Chapter 6 … How to survive the academic side of university

Chapter 7 … Maintaining a healthy life balance at university and live within your means

Chapter 8 … Getting the most out of your lecturers

Chapter 9 … How to maximise placements

Chapter 10 … Getting the full advantage of elective and preference placements

Chapter 11 … Questions you want to ask but haven’t

Chapter 12 … Transition to qualified mental health nurse

Chapter 13 … Useful websites

Chapter 14 … Glossary of terms/Common abbreviations

Chapter Outcomesprepare you for what you are about to learn and guide you through the book

Personal Anecdotesgive you a first had perspective of studying and working in mental health nursing

Dos and Don’tsprep you for what you are likely to encounter during your studies and career by providing helpful advice for success

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