Telling Lives:
From W.B. Yeats to Bruce Chatwin

Edited by Alistair Horne
December 2001
Macmillan (Papermac)
ISBN: 0333765524
393 pages, illustrated, 5 x 8 "
$24.95 Paper Original


This is a collection of biographies by some of today's leading writers collected by the eminent historian, Alistair Horne. Subjects include Suharto of Indonesia, Winston Churchill, Mussolini, Margaret Thatcher, Yeats, Kim Philby, Gladstone, Carole Lombard, Charles Babbage, and eighteen more. Says the Financial Times: "There is something to interest everyone." Of the writers in this book, the London Daily Telegraph says," All write with zest and imagination. Their enthusiasm, intelligence and wit are in the best tradition of the fellowships they honor."

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