Music & the Spiritual: Composers & Politics in the 20th Century

By Antony Copley
August 2012
Ziggarut Books
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780956657985
352 pages, Illustrated
$29.95 Paper Original

Antony Copley's last book, A Spiritual Bloomsbury, explored the engagement of the English writers Edward Carpenter, E M Forster, and Christopher Isherwood with Indian spirituality. Now he explores the relationship between music and the spiritual in 20th century Europe, a profoundly tragic epoch in world politics.

Music, above all other art forms, sought a way of expressing the spiritual within the dehumanizing confines of Soviet and Nazi totalitarianism. In Antony Copley's invigorating work, the individual response of each composer is seen in terms of his or her personal circumstances - family, sexuality, politics, religion and spirituality.


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