Just Beyond the Visible
The Art of Being and Becoming

By Andrew Machon
November 2005
Arem Publishing
ISBN: 1904825044
64 pages, Illustrated, 12" x 13 "
$125.00 Hardcover

This is a book combining photography and poetry to describe a journey a self-discovery to reaching self-understanding and personal fulfillment. The book shows how this process can be applied to managing a successful change process in large organizations. A sumptuous, up-market presentation aimed both at the art market and senior executives and human resources leaders in large organizations.

The book will be used as the basis for personal counseling and corporate development seminars. The author is a blend of artist and scientist. He is an infrared photographer seeking to express nature's beauty and essence and also a PhD biochemist who has studied the molecular basis of life.

Through the application of MA studies in psychosynthesis and his practice as a psychotherapist, the author continues to explore the nature of who we are and how the self we aspire to become is the essential source of our passion, potential and healing in our lives and relationships.

Some Reviews:

"Working with Andrew Machon brings deeper insights and self-knowledge with which leaders in organizations can tap
into the creativity and motivation of teams and indivisuals."
----Kate Lloyd, Medical Director, Pfizer Ltd

"The brilliance and beauty of this book is how it invites the reader to experience and meditate on the process of
unfolding and becoming through the masterfull integration of evocative ideas & images."
-----Robert J. Marshak, Global organizational change consultant, anuthor & teacher

"From the paradoxical worlds of Organization and Inner Space emerges a journey of Self and an experience of Soul
in this beautiful work....Should be widely read."
-----Joan & Roger Evans, Founders of the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London

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