Such a Nuisance to Die
The Autobiography of Her Serene Highness Princess Elisabeth de Croy

By Elisabeth de Croy & Joy Lenny
November 2010
Book Guild
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781846244483
256 pages, Illustrated
$38.50 Hardcover

Few aristocrats have had such a wide ranging impact on the world as Princess Elisabeth de Croy. She rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous including Salvador Dali, King Farouk of Egypt and Orson Welles, and was a regular guest in Hollywood and at the White House.

Then, her life changed and she became an ardent campaigner for animal welfare. She travelled to all parts of the globe, speaking out vigorously against inhumane treatment of animals. Also concerned with human suffering, she visited such regions as Iran, Biafra, and Mother Teresa’s hospital in India to lend her support.

Her autobiography, Such a Nuisance to Die, uses diaries, anecdotal evidence, photographic and medical documentation to create a picture of an inspirational person and her life experiences.

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