Managing in Health Care
A Guide for Nurses, Midwives & Health Visitors

By Leslie Dowding & Jill Barr
Longman / Pearson Education
November 2001
ISBN: 0582382351
253 Pages, Illustrated
$69.50 paper original

Health care management is a complex discipline in today's environment. Once you have grasped the management rules, theories and concepts, life becomes easier as a health care professional. This book starts with the important element of self-awareness and demonstrates how the individual interacts with the health service and grows in confidence by developing self-management skills. The theme develops into important concepts of team working and managing groups of people for the benefit of quality care.

Leading on from this we consider the wider picture of total health service management and contemporary developments that provide the changing context for the health care professional. The book aims to offer a student-centered approach by helping you to reflect on your learning processes and examine your assumptions. Practice examples from a variety of disciplines highlight the application of theory to practice

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