Effective School Leaders
How to Evaluate & Improve Your Leadership Potential

By John MacBeath & Kate Myers
September 1999
Pearson Education, UK
ISBN: 0273639587
172 pages, Illustrated
$55.00 paper original


Effective School Leaders gives you an insight into the human side of management and leadership and the dilemmas and conflicts which people face at all levels, using examples of schools which have successfully implemented practical actions.This invaluable handbook will be welcomed by all headteachers, deputy headteachers, middle managers and students on education management courses.

Contents include: Competences, competencies & context. Putting organisations to work. Talking heads. Dilemmas of Leadership. Learning to be a leader by being a follower. Sex, sexism, sexuality and sexual harrassment. Evaluating leadership - from the outside. Evaluating Leadership - from the inside.

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