Project Management, 3rd Edition

By Harvey Maylor
Pearson Education Limited / Prentice Hall
June 2003
ISBN: 0-273-65541-8
426 Pages, Illustrated, 7 x 9 "
$89.50 paper original


This third edition of this highly successful textbook represents a major development in content, approach & pedagogy; combining a strong academic approach with relevant practical cases. Contents include: 1. Introduction 2. Structures and frameworks. PHASE ONE - DEFINE THE PROJECT 3. Strategy and project management. 4. Project definition. PHASE TWO - DESIGN THE PROJECT PROCESS. 5. Time planning. 6. Critical chain project management. 7. Cost and quality planning. 8. Plan analysis and risk management. PHASE THREE - DELIVER THE PROJECT (DO IT!) 9. Project organisation- structures and teams. 10. Management and leadership in project environments. 11. Control of projects. 12. Supply chain issues. 13. Problem-solving and decision-making. 14. Project completion and review. 15. Improving project performance. Appendix

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