Beyond the Pulpit
A Collection of Essays on Judaism

By Jeremy Rosen
November 2005
First Edition Limited
ISBN: 1845470931
125 pages, Illustrated, 7" x 9 "
$22.50 Paper Original

Jeremy Rosen is a respected Rabbi and thought-provoking journalist who has been at the forefront of Jewish Education for over twenty years. This book is a selection of some of his most interesting articles covering a diverse range of topics. Whether it is music, art or politics; Jeremy Rosen gives them all his own individual style.

Running through all of them is a unique sense of humor, a universal idealism and large doses of human sensitivity. Sometimes provocative, but always honest, Jeremy Rosen has chosen the life of a maverick on the borders of his community, to show that there are many ways of being Jewish and experiencing the beauty of its traditions. Jeremy Rosen is the eldest son of Kopul Rosen, the man responsible for founding Carmel College.

He attended Cambridge University where he obtained a degree in philosophy. After university, Jeremy spent time at some of the most well respected places of learning in Israel. He has been closely involved with Jewish education for many years and has also been active in journalism and broadcasting around the world. Contents include: Introduction, Weekly Comments on the Torah, Current Affairs, Religion / Judaism.

Partial Contents:

Comments on the Torah:
Lot & Hagar. Brothers. Yehudah. Magicians. Exodus. Ten Commandments. Sin. Paganism. Love Your Neighbor.
Rebellion. False Prophet. Business Ethics. Covenants. Secrets.

Current Affairs:
Alexander the Great. Death Penalty. Fox Hunting. The 13th Tribe. Time to Go. Gambling. Arafat. Red Cross.
Anti-Semitism. Mormons. Welfare. Suicide Bombers. Unhealthy Habits.

Religion / Judaism:
Ten Days of Penitence. Channuka. Passover. The Omer. Shavuot. Charity. Kabbalah. Literature. Religious Women.
Why Kosher? Evolution & Religion. Angels. Praying in Public. Reform. Abortion in Jewish Law. Conversion.
Judaism & Jesus. Out of Fear or Love. Kosher Whiskey. Study.

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