Business & Communication Systems GCSE

By Glynis Frater
October 2003
Nelson Thornes, UK
ISBN: 0-7487-7098-4
$48.95 paper original

Following the latest specifications for the Business sand Communication Systems GCSE, this text has been specifically designed to meet students' requirements. It integrates key aspects of the business environment with the practical use of ICT applications, including word processing, spreadsheets and databases. An accessible full color design with descriptive information explaining the key concepts maintains students' interest throughout. The book covers the importance of good communication to the success of the business and the consequences when there is a breakdown in communication, enabling the student to fully understand the subject. Practice activities and questions relating to theory in a practical context reinforce students' learning.

The business environment Introduction Types of business organizations Aims and objectives of business organizations Stakeholders Meeting objectives Workplace organisation The working environment New working practices Health and safety Data preparation, storage and retrieval Security of data Effective use of resources Human resources and finance The human resource function Internal and external recruitment Methods of selection Interviews Contracts and employment Employment rights and responsibilities Training Termination of employment Remuneration Information communication technology (ICT) and human resources Communication The purposes of business communications The communication process Effective internal and external communication Effects of poor internal and external communication Barriers to communication Verbal communication Written communication (documentation) Developments in communication technology The internet E-commerce and customers ICT in the business environment Introducing ICT - the considerations Data input devices Data storage devices Data output devices Applications software Payment systems and documentation Communication technology developments Computer applications in the business environment Introduction File management Word processing Spreadsheets Charts Databases Graphics and clip art Desktop publishing (DTP) Index

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