A Student's Guide
5th Edition

By John Beardshaw, et al.
September 2001
Pearson Education,UK
ISBN: 0273651404
740 pages, Illustrated
$110.00 paper original

Economics: A Student's Guide is a highly acclaimed & well-respected textbook that is unique in its appeal to both A-level & undergraduate students. Written in a student-friendly & jargon-free manner, the book combines the strengths of traditional economics texts with active learning methods.

The fifth edition has built on the strengths of previous editions while taking account of the changes in the teaching of economics, the discipline & the economy itself. Learning is made enjoyable & effective, yet the book retains the depth of coverage necessary for a thorough understanding of the complex subject matter.

Contents include: The market system. Market failure & government intervention. Markets in operation. National economy. Business economics. Labour markets & distribution of income. Macroeconomic analysis. Managing economy: issues & policies.The EU & wider perspectives.

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