Organic Chemistry for
Health & Life Science
4th edition

By Paul Groundwater & Giles Taylor
Sep 1997
Pearson Education / Longman
ISBN: 0582297656
224 pages, Illustrated
$87.50 Paper original

This concise text provides students with the basis for understanding the chemical aspects of life processes. The first chapter introduces key aspects of organic chemistry, such as atomic and molecular structure, mechanism, nomenclature and stereochemistry. Building upon these principles, the next four chapters describe the chemistry of simple organic molecules providing a stepping stone to more complex molecules of biological importance which are covered in the final chapters.

Preface to Fourth Edition
1. Basic Principles: atomic and molecular structure, nomenclature, stereochemistry and mechanism
2. Simple organic oxygen and sulphur compounds: alcohols, phenols and ethers and their sulphur analogues
3. Carbonyl compounds: aldehydes and ketones
4. Carbonyl compounds: carboxylic acids and their derivatives
5. Simple organic nitrogen compounds: amines
6. Carbohydrates
7. Amino acids, peptides and proteins
8. Aromatic compounds, nucleic acids and nucleotide coenzymes
9. Lipids

• This fourth edition (formerly published under the title of 'Organic Chemistry for Students of Biology and Medicine') now offers the following new features:
• Completely revised and updated since the publication of the last edition
• More concise coverage to reflect current needs of students and new course structures.
• Provides chapter summaries and new problems to aid revision of core material.
• Updated illustrations, and a more user-friendly design with boxed problems, topics, headings and a larger format.

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