Radio Controlled Helicopters, 2nd edition
Guide to Building & Flying

By Nick Papillon
July 2003
Nexus Special Interests
ISBN: 1-85486-226-X
170 pages, Illustrated, 5 x 8 "
$26.50 paper original

In this updated edition, the author provides a guide for newcomers and others interested in new developments in the design and manufacture of radio controlled helicopters. This handy book offers all the essential information and fact you need to make the right decisions, taking you through all the stages-from the choice of model and radio to your first flights and finally to basic aerobatics.

Contents include: Advantages of flying helicopters. Where Do I begin? Choosing the model. All about engines. Radio systems. Finding your flying sites. Accessories and training aides. Building the model. Installing the radio. Setting up the model. Before your first flights. The day arrives. Hovering, circuits & simple aerobatics. Routine maintenance. After the crash. Scale models. Conclusions.

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