Brilliant Teaching Assistant

By Louise Burnham
May 2011
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273734420
222 pages, Illustrated
$39.50 paper original

What does it really take to become a brilliant teaching assistant?

Are you getting the most out of your current support role? Are you aware of the training and development opportunities available to you? How do you become more effective in the classroom? What can you do to take your career further?

Brilliant Teaching Assistant answers these questions and many more. Outlining the key duties and responsibilities of the role, and illustrated with examples from practical contexts, Louise Burnham will show you how to shine in the classroom and focus on your continuing professional development to aim for the next step in your career in education.



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Chapter 1: Working effectively as part of the whole school team

Chapter 2: Understanding the school curriculum, timetabling and planning

Chapter 3: Supporting teaching and learning – making an effective contribution

Chapter 4: Managing behaviour

Chapter 5: Working with pupils who have special educational needs

Chapter 6: Working with pupils who speak English as an additional language

Chapter 7: Working with Gifted and Talented pupils

Chapter 8: Providing pastoral support

Chapter 9: Health, safety, first aid and safeguarding

Chapter 10: Extended and out of school provision

Chapter 11: Reflecting on your practice and continuing professional development

Appendix 1: Case studies solutions

Appendix 2: Teacher/TA feedback sheet



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