Action Photography by Reuters

Edited By Ayperi Ecer & Jassim Ahmad
November 2005
ISBN: 0273706314
144 pages, Illustrated, 10 ¾” x 11 ½”
$87.50 Hardcover

Move is a stunning collection of images from Reuters, the world's largest international news agency, on the universal theme of the action. This collection of action photographs will illustrate the energy of movement, featuring vibrant news, sport and human-life imagery captured by Reuters’ team of award-winning photographers around the globe.    

Across the globe, every day, Reuters photographers are there to capture decisive moments from a new angle. Through these extraordinary pictures we can explore the nature of movement and the essence of action-photography.

Praise for previous Reuters photography collections:

"A masterclass in the photojournalists’ art."
Amateur Photographer

"Struth! Here's a book that makes even golf look exciting... 188 pages of jaw-detaching full-colour sports images from the last decade."

"Photography as history. The peerless Reuters collection tells a multi-stranded story - of celebrity, hardship, normality, beauty and brutality - through the lenses of the world's leading photo-journalists."
The Guardian

"A tribute to the ingenuity and cunning that a photographer has to combine, along with an eye for a picture, in order to get a brilliant image."
The Independent

"A veritable hail of the most powerful and evocative photographs to have pummeled the public’s awareness of news and events over the last 15 years."

"…the raw, frontline images which catch the drama of history-changing moment."
The Big Issue

"Pictures marking most of the world’s great events over the past 15 years, mostly of conflict, but also of great beauty, the work of masters of their art."
The Star, South Africa

"On the Road marks an intriguing choice of subject matter for an anthology... an astonishingly diverse range of images ... much of the collection shows fantastic use of artistic camera work, while other images are comic, inspiring or just plain thought provoking... A must for any photography enthusiast."
Digital Camera Buyer

"Gazette photographer Dave Charnley was left mesmorised by some of the shots in a new book dedicated to sporting action."
Middlesborough Evening Gazette

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