Environmental Economics
Issues & Policies

By Steve Ison, et al.
July 2002
Financial Times / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-273-64624-9
456 Pages
$77.50 paper original

Environmental Issues and Policies investigates the theoretical and practical considerations facing policy makers over a range of contemporary environmental problems. Although an economic perspective underpins the main theoretical approach of the book, it broadly adopts both an interdisciplinary and applied approach. The text is ideal for modules involving the environment in a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The first four chapters discuss a number of concepts, principles and techniques that are taken further in the more issue-based chapters five to thirteen.

Key features of this new text include: Up-to-date case study and question material - 3 to 4 case studies involving issues of current concern are presented in each chapter, and questions are used to prompt debate with outline answers and responses provided at the end of the book. Topic by topic approach - a well structured approach focuses on the key environmental topics being currently debated, such as sustainable development, environmental pollution, climate change, natural resource and population constraints, transport, housing, the rural economy and the particular problems facing the developing economies.

Self-learner supports - to help readers from a variety of subject backgrounds, boxes in each chapter are used to review key concepts and to take the analysis further. All questions in the text are supported by outline answers and a detailed list of up-to-date references and further reading are presented at the end of each chapter. Companion Website - contains a bank of interactive questions with solutions, as well as further up-to-date factual and case study materials. Stephen Ison lectures on transport studies at Loughborough University and has taught on a broad range of courses across the area of environmental issues and policies at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He is the author of a wide variety of books and articles in the fields of transport, the environment and public policy.

Stephen Peake lectures on environmental technology in the Department of Design and Innovation at the Open University. As a former official in the secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the International Energy Agency, he has practical experience in shaping environmental policy at an international level. He is the author of several books and papers in the fields of energy, transportation and climate change. Stuart Wall is Subject Leader in Business and Economics in the Ashcroft International Business School at Anglia Polytechnic University. He has many years of experience in teaching environmental modules to a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and is a well-known author of articles and books involving environmental issues and policies.

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