Hughes Electrical & Electronic Technology, 11th edition

By Edward Hughes
June 2012
Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780273755104
1,018 pages, Illustrated
$132.50 Paper Original

This best-selling textbook, now in its eleventh edition, provides the clear and accessible introduction to electrical and electronic technology that all engineering students need. With a balanced coverage of electrical, electronic, and power engineering,Hughes Electrical and Electronic Technology is a must-have text for all university and college engineering students, including those not studying for an electrical or electronic degree. It is also appropriate as a reference for practitioners and technicians working in this, or any other engineering discipline.

This edition has been significantly updated to include more on green topics like renewable energy and smart grid systems, and on technological advances such as particle accelerators.

Key features include; chapter objectives and summaries plus worked examples and numerous practice problems.



Hughes 11e Table of Contents

Section 1 - Electrical Principles

1. International System of Measurement
2. Introduction to Electrical Systems
3. Simple DC Circuits
4. Network Theorems
5. Capacitance and Capacitors
6. Electromagnetism
7. Simple Magnetic Circuits
8. Inductance in a DC Circuit
9. Alternating Voltage and Current
10. Single-phase Series Circuits
11. Single-phase Parallel Networks
12. Power in AC Circuits
13. Complex Notation
14. Resonance in AC Circuits
15. Network Theorems Applied to AC Networks

Section 2 - Electronic Engineering

16. Electronic Systems
17. Passive Filters
18. Amplifier Equivalent Networks
19. Semiconductor Materials
20. Rectifiers
21. Junction Transistor Amplifiers
22. FET Amplifiers
23. Further Semiconductor Amplifiers
24. Interfacing Digital and Analogue Systems
25. Digital Numbers
26. Digital Systems
27. Signals
28. Data Transmission and Signals
29. Communications 
30. Fibreoptics

Section 3 - Power Engineering

31. Multiphase Systems
32. Transformers
33. Introduction to Machine Theory
34. AC Synchronous Machine Windings
35. Characteristics of AC Synchronous Machines
36. Induction Motors
37. Electrical Energy Systems
38. Power Systems
39. Direct-current Machines
40. Direct-current Motors
41. Control System Motors
42. Motor Selection and Efficiency
43. Power Electronics

Section 4 – Measurements, Sensing and Actuation

44. Control Systems, Sensors and Actuators

45. Electronic Measuring Instruments and Devices
46. Analogue Measuring Instruments



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