Reinforced & Prestressed Concrete Design
The Complete Process

By Eugene J. O'Brien and Andrew S. Dixon
June 1995
Longman / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-582-21883-7
492 pages, illustrated
$65.00 paper original

The key construction materials of a wide range of structures-from bridges to high-rise buildings-are discussed in this complete reference manual for civil engineers. Topics include: structural members and systems; load paths; vertical and horizontal resisting systems; loads; tributary areas; gravity; limit-state design; fundamentals of structural analysis; continuous beam; plastic moment redistribution; lower-bound methods; frames; slabs; shear wall systems; sizing of members; design of reinforced concrete and Prestressed concrete members for bending; axial force and bending of reinforced concrete members; cracking; shear failure; shear reinforcement; slabs for punching shear; members with torsion; appendices; references; index.

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