British Imperialism
Innovation & Expansion: 1688 - 1914

By P.J. Cain & A.G. Hopkins
March 1993
Longman (Pearson Education)
ISBN: 0582491762
519 pages, Maps
$48.00 Paper Original

Topics include: Aristocracy, Finance & Empire: 1688-1850. Service Sector, Wealth & Power: 1850-1914. Gentlemanly Capitalism. Gladstonian Finance. Baring Crisis. Great Emporium: Foreign Trade 1850-1914. Tariff Problem. Chamberlain & Protectionism. Britain and the Colonies. South America. India. Africa. Ottoman Empire & Persia. China. Imperialist War 1900-1914. Marxist Theoru and WW I. Anglo-German Rivalry. Maps.

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