Disability, Culture & Identity

Edited by Sheila Riddell & Nick Watson
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education
July 2003
ISBN: 0-13-089440-0
224 Pages, Illustrated
$57.50 paper original


Disabilities, Culture and Identity is a well-written, succinct and accessible presentation of current research on disability, culture and identity. It is an ideal text for students and lecturers alike studying and working in the areas of Disability Studies and Social Policy. Disabilities, Culture and Identity provides a comprehensive and well-structured introduction to an area of growing importance.

The authors provide up-to-date and extensive coverage of the development of thinking on cultures of disability, including those relating to people with learning difficulties, people with mental health problems and people with learning difficulties Also covered in detail are critical areas in disability studies including: development of the social model of disability; disability and the politics of social justice; disability and theories of culture and media; disability, ethnicity and generation; the policy options for empowering disabled people, and how the disabled are empowering themselves; the disability arts movement; media treatment of disability.

Sheila Riddell is Professor of Social Policy at Glasgow University where she is Director of the Strathclyde Centre for Disability Research. She has researched and written extensively in the areas of disability, special educational needs and gender and education.

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