Walls: Israel & Palestine

Edited by Marcus Reichert
Photography by Henry Ralph Carse
January 2012
Ziggurat Books
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780956657930
92 pages, Illustrated
$45.00 Paper original

Henry Ralph Carse is a pilgrim, scholar and practical theologian who has lived in the Middle East for forty years. His beautifully composed images strike a democratic balance between the Israeli and Palestinian cultures. People and places are recorded at crucial moments in the ever-changing disposition of a land in turmoil. Carse's photographs have a charged immediacy and, at times, a philosophical stillness. They are the photographs of an outsider being absorbed into the fabric of another life. In his introduction Carse writes: "...no one has ever built a wall that could entirely protect the innocent, punish the guilty, separate pure from impure, or thwart the human gaze.


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