Mac Basics: Mac OS X Lion Edition

By Thomas Myer
March 2012
Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780273746362
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
261 pages, Illustrated
$33.50 Paper Original

Top Ten Mac Tips

Leave this largely alone

Chapter 1) Geting started with your new Mac

Add new ability to open all windows associated with an app by click-holding an Application in the Dock

Mention the new sorting features when you search with spotlight

Working with scrollable stacks

Chapter 2) Files & Folders

Mention the new "put back" feature that allows users to restore items to folders

Mention removable sidebar headers and adding items to the sidebar

Mention upgraded Quick Look features

Chapter 3) Email

Rewrite and take new screenshots based on new upgrades for Mail

Talk about new notes and todo features

New data detectors in mail

Reorder sidebar items in mail to keep better organized

Chapter 4) Web

New screenshots throughout for Safari

Chapter 5) Contacts & Events

New ways to integrate with Gmail and Yahoo calendars!

Better ways to synchronize calendars with mobile devices

Chapter 6) Photos

Mostly new screenshots for the latest upgrade to iPhoto

Just about every item will have to be rewritten as there are lots of differences in the new iPhoto

Chapter 7) Music

New screenshots for the new version of iTunes

Chapter 8) Movies

New screenshots for new iMovie

Chapter 9) Building Websites

New screenshots for new iWeb

Chapter 10) Customizing your Mac

There are some new options for screen saver options, language preferences, better web filters, & parental controls that each deserve a little section


There's a lot of new stuff in the new iChat that might merit an extra chapter

* Starting iChat

* Setting up an account

* Start an iChat session

* Audio only session

* Video & Audio

* Text chatting

* Sending files to other participants

* Using Quick Look to preview a file sent to you

* Setting up a videoconference

* Saving chat transcripts

* Showing past chat transcripts

* Setting up date/time stamps for transcripts

* Search for friends


The preview tool doesn't get any coverage in the current edition, but it's absolutely brilliant. it can be used to view PDFs, images, and lots of other documents, and has now been improved greatly.

* starting up Preview

* Using preview to view different types of images

* Using preview to view PDFs

* Importing from scanner

* Selecting text from PDF document

* Zooming in and out

* Finding out more about an image or document

* Resizing an image

* adding keywords to an image or document

* annotating an image or document

* making selections from an image or documnet

* rotating and flipping images

* bookmarking a document

* copying text from a document

* shutting down Preview


I don't think we need to change anything there


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