Green Guide to Better Living
Take Care of Yourself, Your Family & the Environment

By Ann Whitfield & Terry Whitfield
October 2000
ISBN: 1861440405
130 pages
$20.00 Paper Original


You don't need a degree in ecology to make some simple changes which leave you healthier, happier & feeling less guilty. This book shows you how to assess your lifestyle and suggest what changes you can make. It provides six steps to health & happiness. The book discusses food & health, including the fast food culture, reading labels, why dieting doesn't work, eating meat. Contents also include: food scares, factory farming, food irradiation, genetically modified foods; organic food alternatives; reducing toxins; choosing paints, wood & forest products; decorating your home; ventilation; real costs of energy, insulation, heating, lighting, appliances; the car culture, public transport; change of clothing, how fair is what your wear?, cruelty to animals; cosmetics and your health; money, work & times; lobbying for change; volunteerism.

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