Key Maths 7²: Teacher File

By David Baker et al.
July 2000
Nelson Thornes, UK
ISBN: 0-7487-5527-6
627 pages, illustrated
$125.00 three-ring binder
Ages 11-14

Teacher File 7² provides you with all the material you need for the corresponding Pupil Book. This includes for each chapter: comprehensive teacher notes across a wide range of areas. National Curriculum and Numeracy Strategy references. Worksheets. Homework sheets from the pupil books. Additional homework sheets. Pupil checklists and chapter maps. Extra resource sheets. Answers.This resource also contains comprehensive material in the following areas: Maths activities for further Ma I support. Graphical calculator support for all popular models from Casio, Sharp, and Texas Instruments. The Last Resource for 'catching up on' areas not covered by a pupil or teacher. Resource sheetes and equipment lists.

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