AS UK Government & Politics, 4th edition


AS UK Government and Politics 4th Edition

By: Paul Fairclough & Phillip Lynch
August 2013
Hodder Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781444183528
368 Pages, Illustrated
$49.50 Paper orginal


Get the most up-to-date commentary on British politics in a coalition government, with this completely revised edition of our best selling politics textbook.

The textbook covers the key topics for all exam boards, combining informed discussion with the latest facts and figures. It also presents an appropriate analysis of politics today compared with previous years, showing the dynamism of UK politics.

- Extend your knowledge and improve key skills with comprehensive coverage of the latest developments in British politics including devolution and the EU, re-emergence of referendums, Labour's and coalition reforms, increased conflicts between judiciary and the executive, direct action and protests, and the reality of coalition government

- Definitions of key terms and concepts help to clarify knowledge and understanding of political language

- Exam focus sections at the end of each chapter and online at, test and develop your understanding of key topics

- New 'Activity', 'Stretch and Challenge' and 'Viewpoint' boxes throughout the text help to develop key analysis and evaluation skills, as well as being a good basis for discussion to extend knowledge and debate on controversial questions