Media Studies, 2nd edition
Texts, Production, Context

By Paul Long & Tim Wall
October 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781408269510
514 Pages, Illustrated
$77.50 Paper original

Media Studies, second edition, remains pedagogically rich and covers a wide range of topics from the history of media right through to coverage of new media. The second edition has been updated with the latest technological developments and trends in social media and now includes many more case studies enabling students to actively grapple with a variety of media at both a practical and intellectual level. A new feature, “New Media, New Media Studies”, brings into focus ways of thinking about new media forms. Students will emerge with a broad range of perspectives, a strong conceptual sense of the area and a firm foundation to take a critical approach to their studies at higher levels.

Media Studieswill be essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students of media studies, cultural studies, communication studies, film studies, the sociology of the media, popular culture and other related subjects.



List of contributors
Guided tour

Introduction: Getting started: 'doing' media studies

Part One: Media texts and meanings
Chapter 1: How do media make meaning?
Chapter 2: Organising meaning in media texts: genre and narrative
Chapter 3: Media representations
Chapter 4: Reality media

Part Two : Producing media
Chapter 5: The business of media
Chapter 6: Media regulation and policy
Chapter 7: Media production in a global age

Part Three: Media audiences
Chapter 8: Producing audiences: what do media do to people?
Chapter 9: Investigating audiences: what do people do with media?

Part Four: Media and social contexts
Chapter 10: Media power
Chapter 11: Conceptualising mass society
Chapter 12: Modernism, postmodernism and after
Chapter 13: The consumer society and advertising

Part Five: Historiography
Chapter 14: Media histories

Conclusion: Doing your media studies


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