Macro Economics
A student's guide to theory & concepts

By R.C. Brewer & Jerry Mushin
December 2001
Studymates Ltd.
ISBN: 1-84285-009-1
176 pages, illustrated
$26.50 paper original

Are you studying economics at college or university? Then this book is for you. It will help you to get to grips with this important subject, which so many students find difficult. Written in plain English, it focuses on the key concepts and principles of macroeconomics. Its style is clear and concise, yet rigorous. The use of advanced mathematics is avoided. In this way you should be able to learn and revise more effectively, and tackle your coursework and examinations with much greater confidence. Includes a handy syllabus checklist for review planning.

Author biographies:
Professor RC Brewer BSc(Econ) MSc(Econ) MA MPhil PhD is a highly experienced teacher, widely published author and examiner in Economics in the UK. Jerry Mushin BSc(Hons) graduated from the University of London and is now Senior Lecturer in Economics at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

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