iPad for the Over 50's

By Marc Campbell
February 2013
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273785415
253 pages, Illustrated
$39.50 Paper Original

Top 10 iPad Tips

Chapter 1. Hello iPad!
Turn your iPad on and off
Recharge your iPad’s battery
Use the touch screen
Use the virtual keyboard
Dictate instead of type
Rotate the display
Use the Settings app
Join a Wi-Fi network
Join a cellular data network
Set up iCloud
Install iTunes on your computer
Sync using iTunes
Connect to the iPad Dock
Use wired headphones
Connect a Bluetooth device

Chapter 2. Setting up your iPad
Set up an email account
Rearrange icons
Change the wallpaper image
Search your iPad
Secure your iPad with a passcode
Back up your iPad
Maximise the charge in the battery

Ask Siri for help

Chapter 3. Shopping for music, movies and apps
Visit the iTunes Store
Search the iTunes Store
Preview media
Purchase music
Rent a movie
Purchase a movie
Visit the App Store
Search the App Store
Purchase an app
Delete an app

Chapter 4: Surfing the Web with Safari
Visit a website
Search the Web
Create a Home icon to navigate directly to a website
Open a new tab
Create a bookmark
Use the History list
Turn on Fraud Warning
Block or allow pop-ups
Set how to accept cookies
Browse in privacy

Chapter 5: Keeping in touch with Mail
Push or fetch
Read your email
Add a sender to your contacts
Compose an email
Cut, copy and paste as you write
Save a draft of an email
Reply to an email
Forward an email
Open an attachment
Delete emails

Search your email

Chapter 6: Staying current with Messages, FaceTime and social media
Text-chat with Messages
Set notifications for instant messages
Make video calls with FaceTime
Set up Twitter on your iPad
Tweet from your iPad

Set up Facebook on your iPad

Find your contacts in Facebook

Chapter 7: Working with pictures in Photos and Camera

View photos
Create a photo album
Zoom in and zoom out
Run a slideshow
Use Picture Frame
Share a photo
Take a photo with your iPad
Delete a photo
Import photos using the iPad Camera Connection Kit

Chapter 8: Watching movies
Watch a movie in Videos
Control video playback
Delete a movie
Connect your iPad to a television

Chapter 9: Playing music and audio

Browse your music library
Listen to an album, song or playlist
View the Now Playing screen
Create a playlist
Edit a playlist
Search your music library
Rate a song
Listen to music while using another app
Delete audio from your iPad
Configure Music settings

Chapter 10: Reading on the go: iBooks for ebooks
Install the iBooks app
Browse the iBookstore
Search for an ebook
Sample an ebook before you buy
Purchase an ebook
View your library
Add bookshelves to your library
Open and read an ebook
Set the brightness of the pages
Set the type size, typeface and paper style
Set and use bookmarks

Chapter 11: Getting oriented with Maps
Find your location on the map
Navigate the map
Search for a location
Mark a location with a pin
Find more information about a location
Change the view of the map
Switch among map views
Get directions to anywhere from anywhere
Share a location
Bookmark a location
Find a location from a bookmark

Chapter 12: Organising your contacts
Add a new contact
Assign a photo to a contact
Search your contacts list

Edit a contact
Delete a contact
Share a contact
Add a contact from a VCF card
Locate a contact on the map

Chapter 13: Staying on schedule with Calendar
Explore the different calendar views
Add an event
Edit an event
Delete an event
Set an event to repeat
Set an alert to remind you of an event
Set up an all-day event
Search your events

Chapter 14: Taking notes
Review a note
Add a new note
Edit a note
Delete a note
Email a note
Browse through your notes
Search your notes

Chapter 15: Using accessibility features
Use VoiceOver
Change the speaking rate
Use Zoom
Enable Large Text

Invert the colours of the display
Convert audio to mono
Use AssistiveTouch

Chapter 16: Getting more out of Settings
Use Airplane Mode
See your iPad’s stats
Check cellular data usage
Change sound alerts
Use Location Services
Set the date and time
Set international preferences

Top 10 iPad Problems Solved
1 The iPad isn’t responding
2 The iPad isn’t responding at all - not even to restart it
3 I need to erase all my data and files
4 I can’t connect to the Internet
5 Some websites aren’t working correctly
6 The iPad displays the wrong time
7 All the emails I send say 'Sent from my iPad'
8 The iPad sorts my contacts list by first name instead of last name
9 The virtual keyboard is difficult to use
10 I erased an app or media file by mistake

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